IMF reported military and credit law for Ukraine – Money


The property will monitor the situation and its location; Ensure compliance with previous decisions.

There is no reason to limit the quantities previously decided to cooperate with Ukraine. This was expressed by a permanent representative of the Argentine Monetary Fund in Ukraine, Jost Lyungman.

"We look at the latest events, which include the abolition of a military law, and we hope the current situation will be faster. IMF has no legal impediment in terms of continuity working with Ukraine in this situation, "said the basic officer.

As mentioned, at an amazing meeting of the Verkhovna Rada on November 26, the leaders were reviewed and supporting the recommendation from the National Security Council for the introduction of law enforcement in ten areas of Ukraine. Voting 276 people wanted to vote. President Petro Poroshenko thanked the parliamentarians for this decision and explained that they had been " provide military preparation but only a case on earthwork The Russian Federation's regular soldiers opposed the non-attacking departments attacking the previous attack; Crimea and Donbas. The state leader also ensured that the order would relate to areas that are based on Russian borders, the Transnistrian section of the Ukrainian-Moldavian boundaries and along the coast of the Black Sea and Azov. "If we meet this situation to avoid this, the rights and freedom of the citizens of Hungary will not be limited. The order prescribes the right of the president, as soon as a Russian soldier goes over to her; end, not to lose another one to make sure that the land of Ukraine is protected "- he stressed.

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