IML rules enjoy pictures of boys killed by fire at Flamengo & CT


Even people were familiar with working cold, without meaning, in actions that were not confident, emotional and emotional; feeling moving with some cases.

And the joy was overwhelmed by the Instituto Medico Legal (IML) in Rio de Janeiro, where the victims of the fire at the Flamengo Training Center.

According to a report published in Uol a "phort," when searching for prominent multi-story statements, everyday photographs of the boys were requested and, according to reports, some people were made unsure at work and moved by the sad end of the boys' story.

"Our work is very technical, but when we have asked Flamengo for pictures to help with the # 39; I indicated them, and I saw the boys how they were. They are boys. It was difficult then to keep it"One professional practitioner said.

Advance Technology of Forensic Anthropology

In particular, the method of incorporating the detailed analysis of the physical features of individuals through everyday images of when they were alive, information on weight, height and muscles was included also for creating the properties of the cats.

The body of Jorge Eduardo Santos and Samuel Thomas, who was 15 years old, had this way to recognize, because the dental and digital arcade options were not successful.

If the procedure is unsuccessful, a DNA test was requested and the date for the product could be up to 60 days; Delays could be made to identify even more groups and to give more pain to relatives and concerns.

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