Immunotherapy against cancer created in Spain demonstrates efficacy


Drug medication known as BO-112, developed in Spain, has been effective in managing different types of cancer in the first phase of the test stage I. The aim of learning, with 28 patients with a strong tumor – and # 39; including lung cancer, dragonfly and melanoma – and – taking, to & # 39; The safety and effectiveness of this complexity, both at an individual level, is consistent with anti-PD-1 antibodies in patients who did not respond to those drugs.

The investigation, in which Gregorio Marañón Hospital, the Clínica de Navarra and Ramón y Cajal Hospital took part, and was presented at the European Oncology Congress held in Munich, immunotherapy in which BO-112 was combined with anti-PD1 antibodies (nivolumab or pembrolizumab), it controlled the disease in 58% of patients and decreased the tumor size in 17% of the cases, not to be which adversely affects.

The new immunotherapy will connect the experimental molecule BO-112 with anti-PD1 antibodies (nivolumab or pembrolizumab)

Medicine in

This drug is administered accurately, that is, it is thrown directly into the tumor tumor until, as defined by the oncology expert by Gregorio Marañón, Iván Márquez Rodas, causing revival against the tumor, and also preventing the protection system to recognize the tumor and its disorder; removing response to protect them.

The molecule is a chemist in the BO-112 experimental step, which has just shown that it is possible to & # 39; anti-cancer fighting – 30 and 50% of the patient are not treated with PD1 antibodies and a; presented a favorable response to them- it was found in 2008, and researchers will continue to analyze their / safety profile and worms, and also demonstrate whether it is effective in other types of tower.

Although the results are optimistic, the experts say that they are still premature, so they need to be reinforced in new studies, and for this reason seven Spanish hospitals are responsible for the recruitment new patients PD1 have not worked.

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