Immunotherapy has been inserted as a real choice to find out about skin cancer


More than 300 people per year are killed in Chile due to the inclusion of skin cancer and immunotherapy as a real choice, The level of clinical problems could be reduced to up to 80%, including a metastatic distribution, and a survival increase

In this South American country, with 17.2 million residents, skin cancer is one of the most common, with a 20% increase in issues between 2010 and 2015.

Chilean experts explained to Efe that there are several types of skin cancer, but the type

, although not as often (1-4%), the most interesting and the most that make the most deaths (75%).

Melanoma – is the type of skin cancer from the attack – which is a small tumor that has a small tumor; come into the melanocytes, which are cells that are part of the epidermis, the high degree of the skin and the epithelium of the mucous membranes.

They cause from a variety of reasons such as being able to watch sunlight during childhood and adolescents that may change the DNA of the skin cells (melanocytes) for years later the malignant melanomas.

"Most of the malignant melanomas that can be detected at an early stage can be cured by surgery and / or part-of-the-art treatment, in fact 90-95% of these cases have a good improvement 5 years (melanoma in a situation).), "said the archaeologist and metallic oncologist, Dr. Ramón Gutiérrez.

However, Gutierrez, the director of the ReCell Clinical Center, said that advanced mechanisms are more difficult to handle as they usually do; spreading, attacking enemy tools and their & # 39; Introducing essential organs and remote sites to source devices, which show the metastas known as bones, gold, lungs or habitats, among others.

"In these cases, if the elegant cells are already attacking basal lamina, they are able to enter into the lymphovascular collections in which they are distant, creating the secondary commitment of a metastasis, which significantly damages the survival options and Survival expectations, with only 16% of a livelihood of 5 years, "he said.

However, the research lines of immunotherapy against melanoma-like melanoma-related anti-therapy have been significantly improved in recent years and there is currently a treatment that is capable of encouraging the patient's protection system, recognizing and destroying cells tumor, and her giving a new hope to the patient

"These remedies are directed against the tumor's special cells, thus avoiding other things that harm their body, and include The only protection system, which significantly reduces the problem and does not attack a healthy pyramid, and even the immune system is used to cure, can keep it dislike the tumor as memory, which allows them to last, "he said.

In Chile, ReCell's Clinical Center will carry out the immunotherapy of cellular cell dendritic, this is the most complete version of the "Nobody" Nobel Prize in Medicine Award in 2011 and the 2018 Nobel got on progress at beginning of October.

This is one of the most personal and protocols as it is ready for each patient, with samples of the disease and blood cells that are then recorded in the laboratory and are included in the laboratory on an external basis.

For malignant melanomas, immunotherapy influences the overall survival of the issues that are introduced, which is an important support for the results obtained by other types of medicine.

"Indeed, we had issues of life expectancy four to six months, and after being treated with immunotherapy of dendritic cells from a tumor biopsy, they survived more than two and a half years with good status life. ", the archeologist and molecule archaeologist said.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) figures annually, more than 3.5 million cases of skin cancer are determined in the world and usually every time a person dies as a direct or non – just on some sort of disease associated with sunrise.

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