Impact – Heart damage is caused by using smoking devices


Cardiovascular diseases continue to increase the country, especially linked to different risk factors, such as unsuitable nutrition, uncomplicated life and cigarettes. Although there are no surveys or records of specific cases of cardiovascular poor health caused by smoking by using highly efficient electronic devices among young people, experts in cardiology agree that His use is linked to the development of heart conditions

Dr. Ernesto Díaz Álvarez, director of the Cardiology Institute of the Dominican Society, an organization offering 45,000 consultation each year, Recall that it is shown that the nicotine of the electronic cigarettes increases 20% in a variety of heart levels and increases the 10% frequency.

He noted that, according to the American Heart Heart Society, the electronic bottle is making rapid and continuous enhancements in the heart rate and blood pressure. This may, as well, be a health hazard in people who have never fallen due to their nicotine.

Also, president of the Dominica Cardiology, Dr. Claudia Almonte, there are many international surveys that show your exposure to nicotine, even electronic tops, and Increase adrenaline, appear to & # 39; heart to heart attacks and sudden death.

The director of the Institute of Cardioology explained that there is no case in that way, but it is known that most young people who are Emergency reaches showing a sheep event; deny this practice.


Dr. Almonte has not been investigated in the country among young people with cardiovascular events to confirm how the electronic device has been done, but worldwide surveys have been carried out in patients who have a & # 39; improve this practice. The idea, he says, does not aim to change customs, because everything that creates dependency is harmful. "We strongly agree, because although the lower levels of carcinogenic exposure, it does, as well, it still looks at nicotine vapor, which is a & # 39; harm to heart, to the heart of our heart, so we do not agree to encourage the use of electric cigarettes. " A separate interview, agreed by Dr. Díaz Álvarez and Almonte have seen the importance of the population to be in; embracing healthy habits.

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