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ZEC Zhongmou, representative of China's APEC economic leader, said in a group discussion with the ABAC Business Advisory Committee that the second wave of the Sino-SA trade warriors would add high tons on the 267 billion US dollars of Chinese materials, and not every country should be optimistic about this issue. The second wave of trade wars will include a global communications industry, which will affect the supply chain worldwide. If the cost is rising and the price increases, it could hurt the international economy.

The Asia Pacific Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference (APEC) closed on the 18th, but headquarters of countries agreed to convey terminology; joint consultation. For the first time, APEC left communication after closing innovation, which showed trade and huge investment between the United States and China. Disagreement impedes the co-operation of each country, and also contributes to; means the obstacles to the main problems of "Xihui Chuan" at the end of the month are higher and higher.

The US Department of Justice opposed Fujian Jinhua to " stealing commercial credits, which introduced the introduction of Jinhua induction and priority strategies. The ongoing US survey will continue to record China's largest business activity markers, such as Hefei Changxin and Ruili Integrated International. The complexity of its rapidly cutting business for a & # 39; manufactured and eliminated provision and temporarily built market demand, which benefits Taiwan's Instruments such as the South Asian and Winbond Branch.

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