IMPORTANT , The SOUTH AFRICA CHRIOSDUDU – Katrine Sørland needed to kiss sheep after being predicted


Partners in a Farmer's expert need to use imagination so that they can take time to the farm, and Katrine Sørland got some challenge.

In the middle of the worst summer of years in Norway, a number of people were known to farm, without access to electricity, moving or connecting to the outside world.

Then it can be very popular at times, and in the Sunday program we saw that the partners made a premise to make the time. Katrine Sørland's model was challenged to kiss sheep.

– You have never had any concerns, Svein Østvik, called Charter-Svein, and laughing from the side said.

Southern Norway had to fight for the sheep to do without going away when it came to. But at the end she came on – and she gave a little kiss to one in the pack.

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Attacking the corners

It was not just fun and fun in the night program, for the purpose of the week to be agreed. Southern Norway, who had been a big farmer this week, was very stupid that she would not get the last knife and money for her.

However, he went on the road, and went to market with Tiril Sjåstad Christiansen, a freelance driver and X-Games Advantage, and Ronald Pulk, Sami's producer and actor.

The scarcity was very fortunate and got a lot of money. Some of the pieces of meat, chocolate, candies, bread and jam; there.

Pulk got ten free wins after giving water to local farmers.

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Shirt about agreement

For two of the partners, it was not just the joy and fun of the night sports. there. First fight, Erik Anders Sæter, former Partner of Paradise Hotel, Christer Rødseth, chose a national team team. chef, to the second war.

This is because Rødseth had a beer to burn the eye and so he was weaker than Seter – with a good eye on one eye.

CAM CAMP: Erik Anders Sæter sent out Christer Rødseth as the second war.
Photograph: Alex Iversen / TV2

The two boys took a cabbage at the same time to eat their food the night before the game, and Sæter Rødseth agreed that the person who came out would be the other big farmer.

However, Sæter had no plan to hold his part of the contract, he told Martine Lunde, formerly a part of the Paradise Hotel, later in the evening.

Rødseth had to choose the bracket that the two would have to do. fought in, and he did not choose to know that Sæter was honest that this was the worst thing; and believe that Rødseth had a good chance to be better than he did.

SAGING: Crister Rødseth is here fighting against Erik Anders Sæter in a fight.
Picture: Screen Scanner / TV2

– Erik has tried to develop my knowledge, but if he thinks so or if there's a strategy, I do not know. But if I want to leave Farm, there is a good knowledge of smoking. In a way I need something that sounds and sounds like; Sounding a little, he told the storyteller Gaute Grøtta Grav.

So the option fell on save, but Sæter was the fastest one that cut through the boards – and the winner was a game.

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