Improved synergy in ITV plants


There was a mistake of date in the official company that was distributed with the information on the responsible rise of the levels to make the Technical Vehicle Survey (ITV) more than a mind of many taxpayers who Yes, by & # 39; saving a few pesos, full of humans from the early three licensed plants in the town for mandatory control.

The anger came when they were surprised: the new prices were in operation from 1 January and not from today, as published on the Municipality of Córdoba website.

"These people are a thrush," Daniel bellowed in front of the Japan road gateway 2333. "I stand out in the sun for two hours, and keep it on the Heat, and I'm just telling a boy who orders the current way from nowadays you must pay 750 mangoes instead of the 450 you were on. plan, "he said lamentably.

"We needed to set up a missing person and he started placing glass into the boxes, to the movies," he said, at the same time, Oscar Liotta, who only over 66.66 per cent had just paid a new assessment review stage. "In two days I go on a holiday and I want to go quiet, although it's hard to stay calm with the rivers that come to your head every time; They let you breathe, "the boy complained.


The new rate register raised the value of the service for private cars from 450 to 750 pesos; and with taxis and appraisals, from 515 to 860 pesos.

"It's crazy! Things are in a bad situation; we are working more and more and the profit is a smaller and smaller service," and a taxi driver Gustavo Sánchez. The employee at the command wheel was yesterday to his & # 39; garden that Opus Inspection, the ITV concessionary, in a circunvalación, is at a height of 12. He did believe that he did not pay the old price for the inspection.

On his side, his colleague agreed Marcelo Heredia criticizing him and sent another element back: "I turned on 31 December for ITV, but on Monday I came and closed; so I can not work that day or yesterday (before January 1), because the foxes are carrying you by extinguishing who have gone astray, they will take your car and put you in a fine five thousand pesos, "he said.

Nicolás Molina, who was over the Opus Institutional Relations, said an uncertainty in the date of the press release "some objections" was triggered, although it was certain that "no-one would happen to old people". The spokesman said, as soon as he found the mistake, on Tuesday, he sent an officer of the Chordoba Municipality to correct the data in an institutional portal. town. "But, for the holidays, there was no one to correct it," he said.

Just before mid-morning the information was updated, when many taxpayers had already been disturbed in the control workshops. However, Molina explained that although some of them could be difficult to review before the price increases, caused by a communications error, would have had an impact on the increase in the demand, "at this time of the year, we have a normal increase in our consensus with our plants."

According to company charts, an average of 350 daily carriages are delivered between March and November in each of the three workshops at which, company. The average will climb up to 450 daily controls in December, but in the last two weeks of that month and in the # 39; first day of January, the daily routine is to reach, most of the day: 550 reviews.

For this reason, to organize the work and reduce delay, Molina said that you can now reserve your situation online at

The new rate chart in official plants

Values ​​that apply from the first business day of the year.

why $ 750 ($ 450)

Motorcycles -175 cc. $ 265 ($ 160)

Motorcycles + 175 cc. $ 400 ($ 240)

Taxis and reasoning. $ 860 ($ 515)

School transport $ 1,280 ($ 765)

Bus. $ 1,370 ($ 820)

Trolleybuses $ 1,550 ($ 930)

Trucks. $ 1,080 ($ 650)

Trucks $ 1,500 ($ 900)

Trailers $ 550 to 820 ($ 330 to $ 490)

Motor home $ 550 ($ 330)

Ambulances $ 1,080 ($ 650)


The original text of this article was published on 1/3/2019 in our print magazine.

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