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Movie Movie "Stills do not worry"

Friends who are familiar with the film area or who are unfamiliar should have to be confirmed by office transcripts that have been sent by their & home film market in 2018.

According to the data published by the National Film Bureau in New Year's Eve, the total of the national film box office in 2018 is 60.976 billion, and it is expected that they will be able to. breaking down the "small target" of 60 billion yuan; including 37.879 billion yuan in a home movie box office, accounting for over 60%; There are 9303, 60079 in total, rated in the world; This year, there were 1,716 billion people who only watched films in urban-style houses.

Naturally, the Chinese film of "Homeland has been discharged, there is a truth on fire, and the new hot director" means that the networks often using the channel. After that, everyone did not get the Cheng Yong drug for a year, walked with Li Tianfei, and went everywhere. Lake Chengjiang.

However, if I can see a Japanese movie coming out of the playground and its Seeing outdoors, the blood problems behind the big box office have emerged. The Chinese film film has become so strong … hit the "top".

60 billion?

Is this 60 billion people so true?

After entering the second decade of the 21st century, we are familiar with a series of "amazing numbers" of linear growth. Take the film, saying that from the beginning of the year, the move until one season, peace of January, and then the total number of box office in the # 39; Chinese film market in recent years has broken through the threshold of 10 billion yuan to 100 billion yuan. "Money" Cheng Gaoge made. Liquid laurels of these GDPs may not be able to draw the terrible knowledge of Chinese people.

But it is worth another set of data to lie:

At the end of last year, statistics statistics were held on the one hand, as of November 2018, the average level of attendance, one-screen output, revenue singles, the average number of people per person, and the average earnings of each person of the annual cinema are the lowest from 2014. The average attendance rate is below 12.5%. More than 15 million box offices were released in the film. On the other hand, the number of films released in 2018 has become the highest in history. The total 500 total of the films in the & # 39; year, which ended the market of 60 billion marks. It's not a big Chinese film, but how the movie was introduced, such as "Sea King", "Spiderman: Parallel Universe", which was difficult to show in December …

What happened?

Indeed, as early as the last few years, a Chinese film box office has embarked on the growth of growth. Two main areas have already "expanded to the top". The number of films represented by the number of "500+" is this year. The second is the one who can not run the dramatic ability of drama.

The growth of a Chinese film market is near the 40th anniversary of the development and opening, urbanization and development of commercial buildings. It is not a mystery that the process that is in place; Growing fast in the box office is a simple and adjacent movie when the homeowner started.

Since 2008, China's commercial buildings have embarked on the "Leap Mòr forward" development phase. The new construction area of ​​commercial industrial buildings has risen to 200 million square meters per annum. At the same time, 2012-2017 was also built in China. Almost 6,500 plays. Where? According to an Uncle Island accountable survey, the construction of these plays is particularly "sweeping" to the county level – as a commercial estate enters major cities in the third and four areas, especially urban cities, the number of houses and the number of screens Expansion of the apex.

Indeed, we can say that the "small town youth" mentioned in the television and television shows in recent years has led to an increase in the number of audiences that & 39; the crop that can not be considered in Chinese films. However, with the rapid expansion of the "small town" cinema, the elevations are inevitably tightened quickly. South West 2008 to the present day, behind the office scenes of its box, it is not surprising that the level of attendance and the number of people who are in a position; watch the movie "great increase". Even more important, in the future, as China's urban pace goes into the stage, even if theaters are willing to "go into the hole," the office continues. The entire box is the level of attendance and film makers do not change significantly.

It is necessary to say that the number of Chinese film box office will be for a long time, and the movie film is home to; hitting the top.

However, not a good thing to do & # 39; link to the top. The water is a stretching away, and many "original features" and clear development opportunities.

The movie The movie "It's not a drug day"


Chinese films that have tended and moved the ten thousand billion dollars up to the 100 billion threshold have been the old ways to represent a GDP development model and increase the size & 39; market with expanded strings. The broad scale and growth also have the ability to stimulate the lack of profitless capital to get into the market. In addition to the story of the screen, another program was held.

For example, the uncle's island has spoken about it. In the box office, there has been a legend that has been rising in recent years, the "box box" threshold has risen from three to five billion to several billion in a few years. Teth. However, all the films have achieved good results at their box office, and the relevant investment can be heard in the financial field such as stock market.

From pre-production, filming, post production, and publishing, all funding required for a movie can be found in the # 39; The entire process is financed by the financial or usual reliability results, and including the P2P model. In short, some of the cultural industries represented by the film have been in need of a crisis and have been scrapped with too much financial estimates.

In recent years, the consideration of box office and box office fraud has also been common.

Earlier, such as "Ye Wen 3", a box office event, yes, you're not wrong, the purpose is to buy a "box office" to allow relevant stakeholders to get back into the capital market . For example, if you give a warrant of 500 million box offices, you can return from 1 billion in the capital market. The relevant partners get loaned money and go to buy the 500 million box office.

By restricting the oversite investment of registered companies in film and television and internet finance areas in the summer of 2016, the original model has not been possible, and the presenter has Starting on "making another way" due to too much production costs.

Last year's "Last Us" explosion was said, on the first day of the screening, a significant number of "irregular" in which the reimbursement was targeted. This is a real model in the cinema model; already: after the cinema has been drawn, the homogenization competition has caused several design houses to make changes to the listeners in the spending chain, such as allowing re- compensation and changes. The relevant candidates aimed at their vacancy and made a bad call through the Internet tickets platform before making the film screening to create the name "mouth of mouth".

At the same time, last year has also been the year of "falling star."

In November, the State Administration for Radio, Film and Television delivered the most difficult salary limit, which allowed players to pay more than 40% of the cost of production, and the main actors were not higher 70% of the total payment. So six companies, including iQiyi, gave a story. In order to pay the star, 50 million red lines were pulled, and from June, in Horgos, the border town built in 2014, has been a great deal of information on blocking companies in the newspapers.

The policy department that was suited to its & # 39; The whole industry is suddenly out of the way.

Stalls "Late Late" stamps for films


The Chinese film film has gone into growth since the time of growth. On the one hand, not the "hot money", on the other hand, is the "good chance"; to survive the best and king's content.

In 2018, the office theory of a box was broken, the low price strategy was broken, and the high quality model model was also broken. The next way is very clear, that is, a deep job of high quality jobs and different types of films. It's not a long-term solution for a & # 39; adds to the 60 billion yuan by including films. The audiences taken away by the audience are. online market and listeners who are frightened with the fragile films can only be reclaimed with high quality content.

Uncle Island believes that a movie market should be able to differentiate the supply of a number of films. After that, the demand for filming products with a new generation of users has changed, which needs to be filmed from "family" and "people". Production mode is "to see people see it" a & # 39; move to the provision of diversity such as "hitting a people's jacket" and "long tail tail".

What guidance?

The Chinese films in the past few years have already been able to see some clarification. For example, everyone (including some island fans) still considered that the "IP (Intellectual Property)" and "Chorale Star" were the service for their All-Movie Films. However, the real theme of "Mekong Action", "War Wolf 2", "Red Sea Action", "I'm not a target" and even a main theme film has been fantastic. The market itself has explained the problem.

At the Shanghai International Film Festival this year, a film businessman told Uncle Island, "China's bigger markets on all kinds of genuinely filmed movies will lead to Chinese listeners. ; look at realistic conflict and real social disasters. "

The 2018 summer file is the reason in which; This move: in recent years, China dropped the number of blockers introduced in summer files, but in the summer of 2018, even though the introduction was introduced , domestic films took over the revenue of the office of their box office. In the upper 5, their upper three have a strong foundation: they either face the conflicts in a real world ("I am not a target"), or a # 39 ; Creating a livelihood in a way that is almost true. A humorous story ("the richest Xihong City"), or torture and humanity in real situations ("good sight") ……

With a more sub-division of a movie market, the "film film" that was placed under a cold chocolate in the market also has a wider screening place. After more than two years of development, there has been 2,131 screens at the National Filming Federation in 1,656 theater houses in 226 major cities throughout the country.

Creating a place for art films that are not as strong as commercial purposes, so that more films such as "The Thief Family", "Northern Cangwu" and "Da San Er" can also be successful, and it is also an urgent need Changes in the administration of a Chinese wine film market. Duilgheadas.

Movie film The movie movie "Northern Sky"

"1997 has passed, I miss it greatly", Feng Xiaogang in the party "Party B" in the old words to welcome the new news. A few years later, it's possible that 2018 is the biggest year of films – every family will Waiting after crashing and running. looking for a reduction after growing their capital.

But breaking the bubble is not a good thing. The risk is always coming together with a & # 39; opportunity, and the disasters of the office's disasters will be disbanded, and a new battle is on.

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