In 2018 they issued 19 patients with HIV in a Gualeguaychú hospital – Society


Centennial Gualeguaychú Hospital grew the week dedicated to the prevention and awareness of the Human Protection Vine (HIV) during the 9th Conference "The other one in care, we & # 39; doing health among all. "

Within this framework, the Yellow Clinic provided a series of statistics on the geography and analysis that he does through an interdisciplinary team capable of providing information to prevent on, advise, get together and treating diseases that are drawn to sex. [ITS].

The Arthropologist, Virginia Azar, said that there were 19 new perspectives of people who are living with HIV this year, "heavily found the detection rate in the last three years. , with the number of tests requested by both patients and patients In the clinic, from Monday to Friday, early tests will be made for HIV, Hepatitis B and C and syphilis and no diseases which will be drawn to sex. "

At this time there are 113 patients in a continuous position where 90 per cent are between 25 and 54 years, gender equality is maintained and most of them are still from Gualeguaychú region, and Gualeguay and Islands later.

Of all 150 people with HIV, 75 per cent are regularly assessed in the Yellow Clinic and over a hundred have been helped with antiretroviral medicines, as well as a number of D & # 39; widening of viral herbal patients to 67 per cent.

"The share between men and women is still the same, with numbers among people in the area and in the countryside, and the new judgments are held in the same age groups, with a greater proportion of care Patient in the Gualeguaychú department and we are a percentage of other areas, "explained Azar.

"The level of new world-class statements in Argentina has 13 to 14 people per 100,000 residents and we are located in the same proportion," said the researcher's disease infectious.

So, psychologist Celeste Remoliff said that World-wide actions suffer HIV / AIDS tolerance; focus on internal training that aims at all the links from the health system to emphasize "that the most important human being in every measure, the person over its he will give the hospital to the hospital. "In addition, he stressed that when talking about the" other "is also a" #; including the health worker as an integral part of the patient's care / treatment process.

Lawyer, Cecilia Pozzo, an expert in regulatory and health services, explained "we are working in basic care because we can afford 80% of our problems through answer their debate within the group. "

Topics included "patient's rights and responsibilities, quality of care, legal importance in a health area."

When we talk about the "other" we are going to; mentions his friend, the better leader, patient and family. "All decisions that may be resolved can be resolved if there is a culture of peace that governs inside the hospital itself, that deprivation has acted respect to the other, the patient's right Despite what the situation may be, today is HIV as it still continues to cause the person as a patient , "said the lawyer.

Pozzo explained that "it is triggered between the balance of the patient's confidentiality and the medical intentions, not just for the patient with this mental disorder of HIV but for everyone, because The National Constitution, the regional, international agreements require us We must understand that health is a fragile case for the law and that everything that is said about a patient is capable of sanctions, so , confidential is essential ".

Disease, Virginia Azar, said "confidentiality means medical intentions, both for professional treatment, the nurse, the draggers from the laboratory and their staff. All healthcare that comes into contact with the patient, we all protect the confidential data, "he said.

As well, Azar stressed that a person can enter "pre-test counseling where it is defined that represents a positive or negative result, ways of preventing infections that are triggered to gender and the steps to follow before screening is dedicated in the consolidation checks and support from a multi-disciplinary approach ".


In Argentina, there is a "health judgment liability as determined by the Second Congress of Health Law Argentina, which is not happening in Europe, in Chile or in Brazil with a more burdensome burden lower because they work inside and create strategies by Judicial Power There are other ways to solve conflict such as mediation, assistance, agreement records within groups. "

Dr. Cecilia Pozzo "that there is still much to be done in Argentina and for that reason we launched at the University of Isalud the first place of collaborative ways of working in the care, training and training of professionals to tackle struggle. This model change from medical hegemony to the principle of self-determination as a patient. "

Another key part of persistent thinking is to work as a team and to respect the other person in the & # 39; their value as a person. "The organization should extend this vision to all services, that is, to understand that all the sciences contribute to medical care because they are now diseases of social companies and we can not take care of Given the importance of psychologists, psychologists, social workers, lawyers, administrators and accountants, who contribute to the promotion and remedies of health, "said Pozzo.

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