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Time will run and run; spawning beyond 2018.

Looking back to 2018, her & # 39; A-share market in decline, and Shanghai Composite Index fell the best performance in A-shares history last year. The data shows that there was a 65.39% decrease in 2008 in 2008, first year of a decline in the A-share market; In 2018, Shanghai Composite's index in the second quarter was declining by a 24.59% decline. Apart from that, from the perspective of global stock recordings, the decline in the Shanghai and Outer Hebrides stock record of Shenzhen in 2018 was ahead of a global stock index.

In 2018, A-shares revealed many of the long-lived creatures and Zhonghong and other "black swan" sections, as well as the sanctioning section of sunset, some white stocks dropped back to their original form , recognized private raffles; …

The danger seems to be bigger, but the volcano (the public number of WeChat: huoshan5188) was a prophecy of prophecy; Previously: there are only three wealthy opportunities in life, and it will appear once in 2019! Mail & # 39; The first opportunity in life was in 2008, with the second chance in 2019, and last in about 2030.

2019 has come, is it the great opportunity to come?

Attention must be given to the Deer's conviction, US stocks or the influence of the lads

Announcement of news about New Year's Day & Day; New, Hong Kong stock and red stocks are red. Hang Seng Index 1.34% rises Monday and Dow Jones's index 1.15% rises overnight.

It is important data that the National Statistical Declaration has been issued out before the previous day. In December 2018, China Rescue Purchase Managers (PMI) Index Index 49.4%, down 0.6 percentage points from November 2018, under the important level, and manufacturing advancement. The degree is weakened.

It is worth noting that there are cutting trails in the US stock charter. Give Dow Jones an example for example. At present, the stock index runs under the top end, and the mill is about 23500. If it is not done, breaking on her bones, the Dow can make a degree in a market.

Historically, US stock market mills were thrown in 2000, and the 2008 financial crisis has a critical impact on its global market. The decline in US stock has affected its impact; Most of the global stock web numbers.

The following is a comparison between Nasdaq's Index, S & P 500 and Hong Kong Hang Seng Index. It is found that the synchronization of the changes is higher.

For the stocks of stocks in the United States above, let's look at the performance of the A shares in the same period. Shanghai Composite's Index has seen an historic top of 2245 points in 2001. The Share index is seen to fall beyond the US stock index. Since the decline in 2008, both Shanghai Index and the S & P 500 Index have seen the historic roof in October 2007, but the level of disruption was uneasy uncomfortable. By August 2008, the S & P content fell by 17%. In the same period, Shanghai Composite's Index fell by over 60%. Although the US stock index broke down to a large extent and the emergence of the subprime lawyer was emerging, the Shanghai Indoor Society announced a historic base before the US stock stock record.

Judgment from the current A and US stocks, the Shanghai Composite Index has fallen by around 50% from 5178, and the S & P 500 has fallen by 15% since the 2940- high point. Some critics believe that if US stocks are transported, it may have an impact on a section, but subjects A. should not be affected.

In addition, researchers believe that we should take into account the effects of the Deer's wines on the global economy in 2019. The deer began its contraction process in October 2017 . Data show that it was $ 4.47 trillion; on October 18, 2017, and from October 24, 2018, it has reduced to $ 4.173 trillion. Compared to the leakage increase, the capital cost increase and the lending of lending activity, the abbreviation is equal to just deducting the basic money from the market, giving more influence on liquidity. The global lion is the "universal gate" on the dollar in the United States. Historically, the "shortage of dollars" and the changes with global accuracy have often been a direct reward for a financial market accident. Early in the early years, the Deer gave his opinion that the speed of the leakage could be diminished, although the abbreviation has been reduced; continue in a "quiet" way. The market agencies need to do a better job on "reducing the loyalty of the dollar" and the potential negative effects. Ready.

The Board of Science and Technology is a major event in 2019. Private equity is of the opinion that this is useful for cultivating, developing and investing the emerging marketplace, providing more levels of departure routes. The unhealthy factor is that the short term will take A-share funding, which does not. Supporting the valuation of some stocks called "technical, innovative" in the A-share market, which will have a specific short-term impact on the categories A.

Zhou Jintao, the "riding king", said that everyone should not be rich in thinking that you have more skills, and & # 39; Collect richness from the time of global economic movement to give you the opportunity; It is 2019 years Kangbo's visit, 60 years The worst of the year, so be sure to control the 2018 and 2019 risks. The first is to preserve value, and the second one is the most. promises legislation; There are only three rich opportunities in life, and it will appear once in 2019! Mail & # 39; The first opportunity in life was in 2008, with the second chance in 2019, and last in about 2030.

Most people of cattle look at the 2019 investment opportunities like this

To fulfill the A-share market in 2018, Bolcana Òg (public number WeChat: huoshan5188) made some statistics. After deleting new divisions listed in 2018 and to # 39; dependent on long-term shares, among the 3,458 stocks, the number of stock 3,238 fell. There were 2,467 stocks that fell more than Shanghai Company's Index (Shanghai Composite Index fell by 24.59% in 2018), and only 220 stocks rose.

From those stocks that are stronger than the Shanghai calendar, Gold Shandong, gold Zhongjin in gold division, Guangxun technology in the 5G category, Fiberhome Communication, etc., Zhifei biology, Tiantan biology, etc. in the division medical, army division In a high infrared plane, AVIC at a & # 39; Germany.

For the gold section, the late cow Zhou Jintao believed in August 2016 that the gold reserve level tends to rise through heart disease and dementia in Kangbo, a & # 39; high levels of decline during pregnancy, and try through revitalization and stimulation. Down. Starting from a long-wave decline, gold assets will invest into a long-term bull market and will get more world-wide products of 5-10 years of serious depression.

The Bolkian Junc (public number of WeChat: huoshan5188) as well as the gold stocks in the secondary market, has gold ETF funding. In the fourth quarter of 2018, investors actively applied for gold ETF funds. As E Fund Gold ETF (159934), ETF Gold Hua (518880), ETF Gold Medals (159937), Cathay Gold ETF (518800).

In the 2018 market, the Volcano Jun found that in terms of a large number of famous private branches, Hu Lubin, who is involved in excellent investment in good quality. Wind information statistics show that Hulu Bin is a? Managing a number of materials, as of 21 December, 2018, the total output from 2018 is higher than 90%. These include Button 1 reported that 110.69% were back from 2018. The 5 Budgets are reported to return 110.45% from 2018.

In mid-2018, Hu Lubin thought that investment was very difficult. Many of the world's businesses are not sustainable. If we buy these businesses at a lower P / E share, our requirements can be reduced. But most of the time, business price is not possible; free business. So we hope that the business we buy will be stable and rising, which offers a higher challenge for our stock selection. He also said that everyone would have the opportunity to afford, there would be no chance. For example, the performance of some key companies in the industry is quite stable. The competitive landscape in the & # 39; Very good business, with a growth rate of 10% to 20%, but a 40% business price is comparable for prices, so the money back on such a business is very low.

In Hu Lubin's view, a good business model comprises the following six aspects: first, there are no jobs; company who uses variable asset; either, the long-term demand of the business is largely stable; Third, the most important companies in the industry compared to others. The company can collect clear competitive advantages. In the fourth, the expansion of productive companies in the industry is very easy, and is not subject to inconsistent factors. Twenty, the business tends to be strong and strong; There are fewer other business models.

In the view of Dahe Tasgadh, the overall valuation of section A has fallen considerably from the previous one, but it is still difficult to name it as "whole gold". Investment opportunities are largely distributed in manufacturing and consumer goods. The materials that these companies provide is sustainable, there is a good venture of enterprise; business, and the management team is excellent. It is expected that it will provide a very stable cash flow for shareholders in a very long time.

In addition, in the division analysis analysis carried out in 2018, Bolcano Jun found that some brand companies have strong stock prices, such as Hengshun, Zhongshun Jierou and so on.

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