In 30 years, immunotherapy will burn cancer?


(ANSA) – All kinds of towers, 30 years from here, can be abolished by the immunotherapy, that is, to protect the protection of the system as a weapon against the cells of disease. Founded in Stockholm by the Nobel Prize in 2018 Medicine, Tasuku Honjo, from the University of Tokyo, who won the American American P. P. Allison, from the Anderson Institute Cancer (Texas).

"I am very sure that all types of cancer can be affected by 2050 immunotherapy"Honjo said when he met the media with Allison at the Karolinska Institute," If we can not destroy the towers, we can stop them, stop the continued growth, "said Honjo.

The meeting between Allison and Honjo is the second between beginners of immunotherapy. The first one was done in 1982, in Texas, when Honjo suggested his colleague to cooperate in cancer research. "Since then, we have not seen each other: however, we have never had a competition between us: our studies have progressed in a collaborative way," said the scientist.

Each man alone and sequencing different paths, both researchers put the foundations to attack the tumors with new weapons, the fourth available today after surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Both of them watched the protective cells that were infected to them; Find the protons that the towers would use to deceive it and to do it; calm. In the early 1990s Allison found the first one, known as CTLA-4, on the surface of Lymphocytes T; In the same time and in the same cells, Honjo received the PD1 protest. And they are the new weapons that fight against cancer.

"It's been a way we've opened for 20 years and now a large number of people around the world are working in a range of immunotherapy," he said. "It's a very positive range, but even for imunotherapy should be done with radiotherapy and chemotherapy," he added to the sciences, "the key to the battle against cancer is the defense system . "

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