In a letter to its fans … Kazem Al Saher explains the reasons for changing his titles


On 8 February, Kazem al-Saher published a voice recording describing the reasons for changing his titles, and his / her. emphasizing its link to "Mesopotamia." He said: "In the public register, Kazem Jabbar Ibrahim al-Samarrai is my name. My official official papers are Kazem Jabbar al-Saher."

He said "there are no imbalances in the names that mean a big problem (..) Throughout the whole year, I stopped the formal business overseas because of the names that were "I say," although I requested my official paper from Iraq's Bank to prove that Kazem Jabbar Ibrahim was Kazem Jabbar al-Saher, but that did not stop. "

He said: "I named the lawyer and asked my legal advice, and the solution was to send Saher Ali Kazem Jabbar Ibrahim, just a bit paper, "says" Saher's title for which I am famous for over thirty years. "

"I did not mean any mischief and I will not forget where I came from: Wadi Hajar al-Mosul no Saorsa Saorsa," said the artist of Iraq. "I and Kadhim Jabbar Ibrahim al-Samarrai will live with the title and spirit and I will be proud of my decision and all Iraq's clans."

Kazim al-Saher died, in the same form, that he disturbed "if this cause causes any pain to anyone."

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