In a short time Ferrari will show a two-fuel model with the V8


The Italian Ferrari Supercar introduces a multi-folded V8 engine this year.

Ferrari does not prepare a distinctive version of a production model that has been produced since 2020.

A car that is being promoted at a special event is expected to be clearer than the 488 Pistus with 711 p.

Ferrari's director, Louis Camilley, published a new model at a meeting of Ferrari owners, and an unnamed nominee revealed that there was an agreement in which the V8 was based.

Pree's death, former FCA's Group, Sero Markionne, said that his company is working on a multi-generic V8 version that will be ready for this year.

Kamileri said that Ferrari's full power could have been expected after 2022, but did not want to show information.

In the meantime, its first Ferrari SUV map.

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