In a town near Piestany, a group of candidates urges voters to be told accidentally


According to the information from a representative from the group of objectors Marián Šinkovič, the number of voters was from 432 to 443 between January and August 2018. "By October 10, it was 445 and a month later, on November 10, 490," said Šinkovič.

He said they had information that some residents were scheduled for a permanent residence, not just outside office office hours but also during public holidays. They also indicated that the Electoral Commission did not need an application document for a new citizenship card for identifying a new permanent residence, from newly-registered citizens; stay in Pecnocades to election exercise.

"If that person does not have the first identity card and citizen's identity card from the general office, it is not a problem to go to the" original "town because it is still enrolled. Every town in Slobhacia is connected online with the populated population " complained to him.

According to the results of the elections, the difference between the fifth elected Member, and its first "underline", was 38 votes.

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