In a video | Submachine guns, between one of the largest weapons and weapons lines in La Guajira


The authorities in the Maicao town brought one of the largest weapons and weapons in this region of the Caribbean region.

Having gained information from a human source and been involved in information work, in a co-ordinated way, Military reached Gaula, the Treasurer's Office 01 the Divisional Word Unit and the National Police through Sijin, building located on the 15th street on 15th. El Carmen, where they undertook research and research work.

For several hours, the police and police searched for each corner of the building, and the town was bound for a number of cemeteries.

In this way they have managed to trace a number of woods with 22 pillars and 6 pirates of different calves, a 9-millimeter MPS gun, a 12-meter gun shotgun, 68 suppliers for different types of members. and different caliber fuel. and capabilities, in large numbers.

A well which participated in the work, El Heraldo, tells us that all of this material appears to be related to the Organized Clan Corps Armed Forces with events in the land, and the aim is to split the No terrorist attacks against military institutions and public armies. , also against staff given to them, not only in La Guajira, but in other parts of the region.

During the development process, four were adopted, identified by the authorities as: Jaime Alfonso Polanco Arrollo, 35 years old, from Maicao; Wilfran Omar Arrollo Ariña, 41, from San Jacinto Bolívar; Deisy Irina Rivadeneira Rizo, 32 years of Maicao and Ana González González, the Venezuelan nation.

For these persons, the Solicitor's Office 1 in the Narcotics Area Unit of the Guajira branch, lends a charge to production costs, trade of persons and the carrying of weapons or armor, for personal use and for the PTO Page. private sector in the Armed Forces.

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