In a video | They arrest on the Sabanalarga accused of taking an attack on a 2-year-old girl t


The CTI members of the Swedish Office of the Procurator Fiscal and Sijin Policing last Thursday in the city at Sabanalarga Manuel Gregorio Villafañe Aranda, the accused, found that he lost the little girl Ana Lucia Mendoza, 2 years. in La Peña, the corregimiento of this people, the rulership of this people in the heart of the Department.

Colonel Alfonso Reyes, chief executive of Northern Constabulary, said the procedure against achieving Venezuelan citizens was complying with a warrant issued by the 15 Barranquilla Court of Warranties for crime of a false feminicide. T .

According to the research, Villafañe Aranda attacked the girl yesterday on Saturday, in the middle of an attack with anger. The girl's mother and another child under 5 years old, also the wife of her wife, were witnesses of that activity.

After the abuse, the same issue died from the same doctor's office in La Peña and the questions in the doctor in the east, the girl is said to have had a bad effect. comes from "fall in the house."

However, the people in charge of the office required the authorities to corregimiento after the girl's death and used the means to erect the body. At that time Venezuelan was not aware of the police officers and the Police and Children's Police.

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The death of the young woman brought allegations from nearby protesters that Manuel Gregorio Villafañe was the person responsible for Ana Lucia losing her life after she was ill. Even the Solicitor's Office received evidence from the mother's mother who accused Venezuelan of the attack, the girl's abuse and her death.

From these tests, the authority opened an investigation against the suspect and this evening on a Thursday.

Sources added to these media said that the girl's necropsy report showed that the girl had bruises on her body and that her death was due to a bitter bruise for the breast that affected her important members.

Colonel Reyes said the person was arrested for the Office of the Advocate for legal aid.

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On the other hand, IHc trusts that the authorities accelerate the inspections to find out what is causing the girl's death. "

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