In addition to the failure of business in October – economy


In the year to date, there was also a further ban: 4,043 companies were infected from January to October, as the Bisnode D & B information service published. Zurich was only the level of risk minimizing, and in all other sectors the increase was recorded. The largest increase in registration cases was recorded in Eastern Switzerland (+ 10%), and then Espace Mittelland (+ 7%) and Northwestern Switzerland (+ 6%).

According to the analysis in the construction industry, the biggest risk of bankruptcy is: 2.7 times more times of Swiss average savings. The craftwork and hospitality industry are also in credit. In contrast, there are very few risks in the health services, in the estate industry and in the holdings.

New companies were registered in October at the time of 3 & 639, 612 and thus one percent increase. During the year there were only 102 other companies: entrepreneurs registered 35,582 companies in total between January and October in the commercial register.

Although an increase in Central Finland (+ 9%) and Ticino (+ 3%) began, they were dead or down in the other main sectors. The largest decline in the East Swiss (-4%) was the largest decline.

The wood and furniture industry in 2018 to date has been measured in comparative terms, the most recent business. But in particular service companies were established according to Bisnode D & B, a lot of new. In contrast, mining, construction and printing and publishing industries were particularly sensitive as "low growth" sectors.

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