In addition to the press releases: A look at a trading activity before the NHL holiday is settled


There are Beyond Headlines & # 39; In some of the stories – and even some not – the weekly debate on Hockey Night in the department headlines & # 39; in Canada.


The Ottawa Seanators have been in a pocket since the day Matt Duchene came.

Because of any lack of doing its & # 39; player, Tri-team trade with Duchene to the country's 13 month back home has been transformed as a modifier for the organization. It was a total move. to the general manager of Pierre Dorion, who came to an end on his / her moving course and his / her. Removing important parts of the turntable almost immediately after that.

Now Duchene is at the heart of another vital decision for Sens.

The team wants a sign of its future objectives in the early year, as Nick Kypreos colleague commented on "Heads," because he has to consider trading before the 25th of February if there is no He was searching for Ottawa long-term S-

This is a very good situation.

It is Duchene who likes to home and team, but has just played eight drama games through her NHL career. At age 28 he wants to be part of a winner. It will also be influenced by the future of Mark Stone, who is waiting for an UFA that he can not sign up by 1 January.

If Stone is living, there is also a better chance.

Duchene's best wishes to keep his job on hockey this season, but he will have an extra time to do it; Thinking of a big picture after suffering a grunge Thursday today and will spend it for at least two weeks, stop a professional year.

Unfortunately, the Senators will look at life without.

They are still in winning mode even though they use a number of young players because they do not. Get their first choice in the upcoming version. That went to Colorado in the Dunness covenant, taking forward decision-makers to come.


Kyper chiefly made a headache, casting a defender's name to the right Alex Pietrangelo into the rumor mill and connecting it to Toronto Maple Leafs through our "Headlines" section.

It would give a little alternative to the Leafs and Blues to do that same job – although the teams are going to the other side, there is at least the reason to investigate the be appropriate.

Elliotte Friedman was introduced into the bigger movement throughout the league, and that is so many of these talks are currently available. The NHL is usually a major trading month in December, but there is not enough to trade.

The Duchess Anaheim are working for help screens, even after getting Daniel Sprong earlier this week. Carolina Hurricanes wants key sex on. Jim Rutherford is covered by circle subjects in Pittsburgh, but there is no way to sit quietly with his / her; Penguins out of the place where it is.

Chicago, Los Angeles and St. Louis is in the middle of the media and needs updating. They can sell all property. Boston could use some invasive help while it was a & # 39; Weather on a steady stream of bad case. Friedge has heard that Philadelphia, Minnesota and Florida have a " actively investigating the trading market.

In fact, if you come to the NHL general manager those days, I'm surprised if your ear is tightly attached to its cell phone.

"Teams start to make contracts earlier this year now," Bob Ducks told Bob Murray, Saturday's reporters. "The situation of Toronto-Nylander was very quieter. Since that was put to bed, there has been a lot more conversation since then."

Expect some trading activity before the NHL nightclub arrangements arrive at 11:59 p.m. December 19.

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Major conversations are rarely accessed to their third NHL season before submitting their second NHL contract.

Everyone from Connor McDavid went to Jack Eichel to Evgeni Malkin to lock Sidney Crosby for a year extension from his entry level contract. The exception is particularly special Alex Ovechkin, who waited until 10 January 2008 – midway during his third season with the Washington Capitals – before signing up to his & her; a 13-million contract, worth-worth $ 124 he is still playing today.

What we bring to Patrik Laine at Auston Matthews and Winnipeg, all the RFAs who are currently thinking about it; Challenging Ovechkin for the title of the league's most dangerous advertiser.

There is no question about the second player's top star status. The notes are Nos. 1 and 2 from the 2016 version have been pledged and then some since it was called out in Buffalo.

He has introduced Matthews and Laine to large pay-pay, and the Leafs and Jets may already be able to earn more money by doing them. Extending summer summer. There are 16 goals at Matthews in the 16 games of this season. There are 21 in Laine in 28.

Their agents now negotiate an estimated $ 83 million salary rate for the next season, compared to the $ 79.5 million in 2018-19.

As I said on "Headlines," there is a strong credit within its business that Matthews will be the main objective of a tender page which should be designated on July 1st. I'm convinced that Laine would be fine.

Now, a player must agree to sign a man of those, and there is no reason to believe either that Matthews or Laine are willing to leave an ongoing team. But if someone is coming forward with a seven-year offer, say $ 15 million each, do we expect them to go & # 39; is not out of loyalty?

No doubt.

After the second interim section we set up on Saturday, Brian Burke wanted to discuss the possibility of tendering pages in the green room. Remember that Caoimhin Lowe once challenged to fight a barn over one of them. Big Burkie agreed with his / her opinion that we could See our first show page in the summer of 2012.

"It would be a code," he said. "I do not think that those people are taking care of more."

The leverage moves to NHL young players in these types of conversations.

Especially the states.


The answer to the hockey runner in hockey could come from an unexpected location: how the Philadelphia Flyers are restoring how they move up to; going on – at least until Carter Hart is expected to be ready to take his wheel – there are steps running by Sergei Bobrovsky on July 1st.

And, that is the only Sergei Bobrovsky when the Flyers introduced as a free agent from Russia. The only Sergei Bobrovsky went to Columbus for a second, third and fourth-fourth choice, just to see he was winning the Vezina Award twice.

Bobrovsky has the best-selling NHL (.921) best since the Blue Jackets have been handled in 2012. It is a strong history that counts for its struggles in the & # 39; One third of this season – striving despite Booklets, students and others, should it be expected to hit the open market in the summer, as expected.

Philadelphia has been cycling through different twin tutors and the establishment of front offices of the Bobrovsky contract (Paul Holmgren, currently GM, is now a team leader) all that Try to alphabet – which includes a list of walkers between Alex Lyon and Rob Zepp.

With any of their NHL options installed outside this season, the Flyers will be looking for another summer response. It's probably just Bobrovsky.


The believers still play a dream. Concerned by commissioner Gary Bettman who opposed the huge challenge of the Stanley Cup, team owners who made use of the hours of a Board of Governors meeting this week to consider what The things that might look like.

At least they would like to create two gaming games in each conference, as we talked about "Headlines." That's so easy to achieve with Number 7 vs. Number 10 and Number 8 vs. It is not 9 in the East and West.

However, they have also breathed on radical ideas. One ruler even hopes to cut the regular season back to 78 games and see 24 teams that are suitable for the playoffs – a paint-sa-speur idea if ever.

"No regret has ever been to add more teams to the after-season," he said.

The faith is among the playoff players that Bettman has finally saved. They say he was a great deal against legal sporting gambling so he was not; he is always willing to set motion when there is a way for the league to be more profitable.

By trying to expand the NHL again in 2021, that is the only credit they need to comply with.

The league is growing, but the owners have to be able to; Try to do a lot of co-operation before the pool comes to playoff.

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