In addition to the TD, Boca needs to explain who the steering room controls: the four keys for reconstruction


Tevez returned to Boca à Sìne with the aim that he won the Libertadores and suffered a real problem Belief: Reuters

It was not a game; There's a definitive break of a visit. The call by a

The River

, at the end of the day

Cup Libertadores

, in Madrid, he blew any planning that could be considered


. The questions are gathered, run over, and solve questions that are; It belongs to marked footballers, with genealogy, another star that the leaders need to analyze. By leaving Barros Schelotto from the technical direction, find out the person who is in a position. follow and confirm future

Carlos Tevez

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Pablo Pérez


Fernando Gago

Take the agenda.

Guillermo is not following what's going to do; happening to the places?

At the end of the Libertadores Cup after having a domestic bichampionate also got to bankruptcy year situation. Because b & # 39; The seventh was the special focus of Boca for 2018 and, in particular, since the river gave a final final beat. Madrid and Waterloo xeneize.

The thing that comes into is a football redesign that starts with a # 39; Driving and leaning on in the players, where the focus is on the places.

Guillermo Barros Schelotto does not follow in technical guidance. If the coach had decided not to continue longer than the final result, the product of the Santiago Bernabéu did not lead to the leaders; provides a renewal. Those who have an effective link are Pablo Pérez, Carlos Tevez and Fernando Gago, but that does not promise them to continue.

Pablo Pérez, captains of beauty and refund

The spectacular face of the two finals lost by the River and with an early relationship with fans, Pablo Pérez could leave the club in a renewable context. He had his volcanic character, who was willing to take part in the game, and his / her; Open again more than once for his concepts. The couples pointed to the importance of the team and their ancestry among their teams with the captain, but with the people he did not win a unanimous agreement. Not only that, but it was even reformed and questioned.

Pablo Pérez had been picked up, captains, people and others who were not so big
Pablo Pérez had been picked up, captains, people and others who were not so big Belief: Reuters

The first anniversary of April, after visiting Talleres, met their opposition; a gallery that they liked. The subsequent demand for an excuse was not enough to eliminate a problem. He returned to a star in challenging behavior, also with the same round, after helping Mauro Zárate in the first part of the 4 final against Cruzeiro. Finally, the surrender of the failure to the floor that was put forward in the final March fell too well among the fans.

Since 2015, he has spent a Boca shirt in over 100 games. The weeks were to go to # 39; celebrating the route with overseas overseas.

Tevez, the idol has been demolished: a new re-return or departure?

The defeat of Carlos Tevez's face in the Real Madrid field was to show the disappointment. He played the last 10 minutes of the 120 definitions. Breaking cup times, as he had already had his first return.

At the beginning of the year, he returned from the Chinese exile and profitable exile with the rape of the Libertadores Copa. However, he had the highest school participation and in the biggest competition in South America he played only 433 minutes. So, he had to change to a different place. He did not lose a reputation in the squad, but inside the field he was abandoned, to his point that he was even & # 39; and the place in another format.

After the abolition of the 2016 defaults against Independiente del Valle, permission was given when

Guillermo Barros Schelotto

he had allowed the public to have that opportunity. The next step is a & # 39; left club, with farewell farewell through video. Back to the gold and gold decorated couples he won the engine.

Boca will play the Libertadores next year and among the other options of Thevez they are; fight again for a place with new tutors or re-establish his career again in a long and lesser football football.

Gago, other abuse and a big question

Fernando Gago's body looks angry at his football career. This time the Achilles clause of the right leg (not the one on the left, as it already suffered twice) is the case; the future of the future as a professional football player.

The cruelty machines and the men were broken into that game of the national team against Peru's revival that he did not allow him to reach a good way. Therefore, the manager from the axis that was the capital of the Schelotto Bar dropped off.

Fernando Gago, who suffered a new injury; the future is uncertain
Fernando Gago, who suffered a new injury; the future is uncertain Credit: AP

The facts that had been releasing his / her recent position were worried, even more angry to think that the balls had an experiment starting from the club itself.

The roads that are displayed will not come in and go to and # 39; distinctive destination indicator. One of them includes to & # 39; look at another long revival and take shelter again in the solution that was being held in the move that was going on; means previous injury. The other is the decision to make a closing job, as well as Boca, European football, the U20 concert title and the silver medal in the Cup 2014 World.

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