In arrest, two opposed a teenager hitting in Las Condes


His Order gave him an order Holding on both subjects – from 26 to 30 years old – involved in a & # 39; trying to kill a 16-year-old boy in the Las Condes area.

A small impact was killed in the & # 39; inside, which was is a crucial danger-keeping in Salvador Hospital, in the same case in which a son has a son. Nicole model "Luli" Moreno, 16, who was arrested on Saturday.

"We agree with the court that the Court gave as the Ministry of Public Affairs, in this case, called for a barrier to, since it became an offense to try to kill him. We agree with the court said"said the Deputy Finance Office vice president, Marcelo Miranda.

Court Court 100 days to investigate the case, in which this Sunday is Cleansing cleaning control in San Fernando F.T.M, the famous model son.

The attack, apparently, It was about census positioning because the defenders were keeping their way away; war with the victim.

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