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He had his closest friends he was once – so his daughter LUCIA MOLNAR SATINSKA is today. From his estate he has prepared a third book. After tourists traveled in Slovakia (Trip) and personal contact with his first wife (Olig Pages) There is a work that can be read in a variety of ways. The story is about an amazing family, at the same time a statue of Czechoslovakia Communist, the history of Bratislava's differences, a language dictionary as well as a collection of magic drawings of artists and ordinary people. "Gundžovník is a stubble and our vision of the world is profitable and destructive," the author says. The verb would be heard in the Bratislava language of Bratislava; means casting, to pray, and a special magazine was created directly for this purpose. Julius Satinský wrote on the machine and hand-painted for his brother-in-law emigrated to America and Switzerland in the 1960s. Just the transcript of these magazines was a two-part book.

What did you know about your father from the Gunders when you were first?

For me, the Gunders are another historical world. They take place in one town and one country in the years 1968-1984, but at the same time it is the reader, how far they would bring them as a genuine source and how much ; is fiction. Julo can write a wonderful article about deer in the market or in a new pub, but has a historic value? No, but it's an amazing history of everyday life. The same is the important thing to write a novel by a literary mathematician Matusko journalist as a tattoo from Myjava, but also literally. Funders are very complex.

The book can be read in several planes. As the history of one family and once, as well as the story of the old Bratislava. The reader needs to run and find for special people and events.

I just like that Gundžovníky is translating. You can still find the book, films or music that is written there. The book can also be the same and other items as well. When a person is very curious, he can look at it.

Gundžovníky they are also a picture of the correct political era.

For me, as a reader and teenager, there are many things that are terrible. sexism

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