In Australia, two Soviets were imprisoned


Australian police took over a criminal group, which included two British citizens as well as two British people.

The quadruple was involved in financial fraud and has already donated over 29,000 euros over foreign accounts with information on stolen credit cards. According to the media, orders were ordered for the four.

Western Australia's police have registered on their website, in the survey, they found that the Australian company registered five companies, rented business buildings, opened a number of personal and business bank accounts and they got more POS boundaries.

Four of them are going to experience a short time in Australia, and have already been able to restore 45,000 Australian dollars, about 29,000 euros from the information of uncertain credit card.

During the inspections held last Thursday, the police took a number of POS finishes, accounts, financial papers, electronic devices and air tickets.

The Sovereign and the Britons were given to the judge judge Friday and sent out a complaint for crime design, based on the Australian police website. Online media in Australia says they are preserved for arrest and they have to return to the Thursday court. They say that Soria people are aged 27 and 28 years old.

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