In Bohinj, there is an innovative Social Social Social pilot project


As a co-ordinator of the project, Iva Lapajne, who is responsible for the social area in the # 39; baile, the media conference in Bohinjska Bistrica that the mobile social service is based on a year of experience. They came from the demographic and citizen movement situation and their needs and found out that public services do not; already enough.

The fundamental aim of its project is to; including new social and other problem solving techniques, raising citizen life status. The fundamental range of the project is based on a social protection area, which is directly linked to a health sector in relation to a sport, culture, education, employment and others. It is an innovative network, problem solving and quick response when it comes to problem solving.

For example, she was already addressing, Lapaynett referred to a 85-year-old woman who, live alone and call on her; home to help with a snow break that she could not get out of the house. "Our response could have been instantaneous," said Lapayneth, explaining that the boys were going to be able to go. offer someone's help to social work. At the same time they asked her if she had any other needs and suggesting interesting workshops that she could attend because she would have been donated by transport.

At this time there is coordination in problem finding and unresolved Lapayneth itself. It is a network of providers that are in the design, a & # 39; including volunteer volunteers as well as professionals from different organizations and organizations, as a multidisciplinary approach is needed to solve problems.

There are already 50 volunteers from the local environment that work in 24 settlements in the town. Some are also involved in education, and the project, as well as buying an electric car, has received grants. Collaboration with 31 different organizations, such as the Social Work Center, health centers and humanity groups, has already been established.

Although the project will only live officially only next year, the network has already started its work. At this time, there are 12 cases in which they handle different problems and who, different, and # 39; co-operate with the police and the school. Typically, complex social issues tend to stand out, usually alcohol, as well as issues of other divineity and violence.

They help everyone, they do not & # 39; the setting of the age limits. Specially vulnerable groups are people with disabilities, families and individuals with special needs, and older people. In the last time in Bohinj there is also a large number of immigrant countries that need help in sympathy.

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