In Borovnica, two votes were decided to influence


The higher candidate in Borovnica, Bojan Čebela, received two more votes. The election product data is still final, as urban electoral commissions have still taken objections to irregularities that may be by 19.00 to date.

Bojan Čebela


In the first round, Borovnica Mayor Bojan Čebela celebrated at the expense of two votes.

On Sunday, when the first round of local elections was held, the 156 people of their towns received the factor, and in the 56th, The second walk is needed.

Two votes for their first visit

Mayoral elections in seven towns were very close to the impact of the first round, as one of the candidates received a percentage of votes or less than half of the valid ballots.

The worst man in Borovnica, where all the votes were counted. Major Bojan Čebela received two votes more than half of the votes cast, which is 952 (50.11%), while their & The first person who entered the 21.53% support collection.

Air Ig, Jane Cimperman's wage received 50.37 per cent (1563 votes). If I got 11 smaller votes, we needed a second visit. Hostel Kastelic, master of Trebinje, who won 50.49 percent of the vote, was also close to impact, and did not submit it to the next round.

On the other hand, voters in Brežice, Moravče, Tišina and Cankova must return to the polls. Ivan Molan (49.77 per cent) and Igor Zorčič (28.14 per cent), Moravče Martin Rebolj (49 per cent) and Milan Balažic (47.14 per cent), and Francis Horvat (49.63 per cent) and Ivan Horvat (22.95 per cent ) and Canka Danilo Kacijan (49.42 per cent) and Drago Vogrinčič (29.97). At Cank, there were only eight votes out of his vote for Kacian.

For the final results, the home election commissions must also include the votes they receive by post. Even after that, the results will still be unofficial, as the home elections, 48 ​​hours after the end of the elections, will still continue to go. Obtain complaints about anomalies that may exist.
The Commission must complete the final report on the results of the elections by the Commission within six days of the election, that is, Saturday. At the Ministry of Public Administration, they expect that most of the commissions confirm their final reports by Friday.



Air Canilo & Danilo Katsanu, just eight votes in the first round.

Five back

In the first round of seven local elections in independent Slovenia, there were five trips to; run too. These are unmarried martyrs; highest board in the last quarter, but have already been managed in the past.

Among the three successful in their disappointment in the second round of magic elections, they are also a head teacher; formerly of Maribor, Francis Kangler. In the first round, according to the latest data, 31.4 per cent of casting votes were cast, and in the second round it will be done; moved by Alexander Arsenovich (38.20 per cent).

Ptuj Štefan Čelan was also the second place on Sunday. He received 24.64 percent of the vote, and his first rival, Nuška Gajšek, 28.1 per cent of the vote.

The second tour also included a Ljubljana leader, many criminals and the prisoner Pavel Rupar, who ran the town between 1994 and 2006. Although Rupar was convicted, inter alia, damaging budget to & # 39; home and misuse of the situation, the other was convicted to one year in prison, 19.15% of the vote was given to market voters, enough for the second round of elections to be held on 2 December . At that time, Lord Boris Sajovic, who won 47.49 per cent of the vote, opposite.

The former masters of Kamnik and Kocevje, Anton Tone Smolnikar and Janko Veber, completed his return to a local political place on Sunday. His first aid was 6.64 per cent or 782 voters, and Vladimir Prebelic (70.85 per cent) defeated in Kočevje, and Janko Vebra won second place with 19.09 percent of the votes.

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