In crisis, the same country-based factory can increase its profits: the police is the largest consumer


He seems to agree: What is the national company that employs more in crisis? Bersa Anónima, the only factory that created a firearm originally in Argentina, The creator is the most famous 9 mm in the countryI was sold 97 thousand pistols all over the world in 2016 depending on the number itself, with a change of 302 million pesos. 2017 was an accident, just over 65 thousand units sold, 273 million pesos.

An deception to the end of 2018 However, it is much more exciting: 89,000 weapons sold, 345 million in the box.

Bersa leaves showcase 50 to 60% to the US civil market, who agreed a quarter of a century ago, with 35 other countries on their export lists managed by ANMAC and Foreign Affairs Ministry, as well as distributors in 40 countries. However, company executives recognize in a historic newspaper to Ramos Mejía's brand center when Donald Trump came, his sale fell in dollars "with 12%"

What happened? Why does 2018 look better? Are the Argentines themselves carrying pistols that have bought them at a price worth less than ten thousand pesos? "Very few of those sold in the local civil market", identify senior manager, a number with A thousand armies cape each year for Argentine military, also for what security agencies are buying, with behavioral guns reduced to stream passengers. Other security-related items do not rise either. An electronic fencing industry, which is apparent in neighbors such as Belgrano R or La Horqueta in Boulogne, also coming down by survey Group: with the suppliers of the item.

So, Who buys the weapons? The answer, which Bersa executives gave, was simple: national and regional police.

An Official Journal tells a story in this way, with direct marketing in a small national competition. On August 31, 2017, Publish Tucumano published the purchase to Bersa of 500 pieces of 9 mm, 5.4 million pesos for direct contraction of "new corporate staffing in police areas". February 27 of this year, Federal Federal Argentina, another three thousand pistols for the Arms and Arms department, 8.8 million pesos.

Benso Bonadimani, Italians one of the Bersa creators: it is the name of its first mention; He has a banner with his two other partners. He opened the brand as a kind of changa, creating Spanish parts in the Ramos Mejía accident together with two other Italians for Ballester Molina's old pistols. I finished sold two million units sixty years of business.

Benso, who is now 78 years old, is very good when he is at age. speak: "When did we sell more weapons? In 74, when the Montoneros were there. Now, if they bought them, I do not know," says Today, the Bersa 9 mm better than the same level messages in the Force capture charts, 145 between 2016 and so far this year against 121 Browning weapons members. However, the percentage is not so important in the wider area, with almost 1,700 weapons captured by the PFA in the last three years.

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