In Glen Kuchsdorf, they found a dead body's body


The police received a short time before 13:30 on a man's body without signs of life near the vineyards in the Kuchisdorf valley.

21 November 2018 at 20:30 SITA

PEZINOK. Police shortly before 13:30. received corporate notification. A man who is not sure who stretches life signs near the vineyard in Kučišdorfská dolina in Pezinok.

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As SITA said to the police spokesman at Bratislava, Veronika Slamkova, police policing had been confirmed.

"A retired forensic appointee who had not issued his or her claim or confirmation, to confirm what was the cause of a death, was ordered to make self-determination , "said Slamková, examining the situation of her; The case dealt with by the relevant department at the Pezinok Police District Office.

"We can not provide additional information about the case in terms of the ongoing procedures," Slamková added.

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