In high suicide 2, he lifted an “otter” for people who suffered without it being recognized at the risk of bullying (West Nippon Shimbun) -Yahoo!


  1. The suicide of 2 was high, showing "pouring" … people who were suffering without it being recognized at the hands of West Nippon Shimbun Yahoo!
  2. "The reason for bullying in six football club members" recognizes Fukuoka high 2 suicide, education education through laboratories third-party commission – Mainichi Shimbun Mainichi Shimbun
  3. "Starting to remove a LINE" high 2 suicide BIGLOBE News BIGLOBE News
  4. Kurume ・ high 2 suicide bully third parties doing it off, the cell phone is hidden … "Already boundaries" West Nippon Shimbun
  5. The purpose of “bullying six football teams” Fukuoka Taka 2 is suicide in a third party commission
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