In his trip of film and life. The ambitions were published for the first time about Salah Abu Saif


"Salah Abu Seif .. anonymous memories" The title of the book appears secretly published for his / her. the first time in Salah Abu Saif's director's tour with cinema and life.

And Salah Abu Saif, who left the world in the mid-nineteenth century of the last century, is one of the most important leaders of Egyptian photographs throughout history, and the title of "industrialist man of the world" his ability to move artistic vision and creativity, and monitor the depth of the characters, not only this but his first Egyptian leader in history And has shown his films at his & Most of international film festivals.

The Cairo Film Festival, in the 40th session between the 20th and the 29th of November 2018, marks the film "Salah Abu Saif" with a book that is in responding to the reminiscences of the late surviving director, the renowned journalist Adel Hamouda recorded in his interview.

"It is a great honor to identify the size-size director of Salah Abu Seif by issuing this book as it is the reminiscence of one of the directors' reminiscences most important in the Egyptian cinema, "said Mohamed Hefzi's representative and perspective.

The president of the festival said that Adel Hammouda's valued writer made these memories through rich sessions, a great gift for film makers and fans.

On his part, journalist Adel Hamouda told about the memoirs of the famous director, Salah Abu Saif, that he would go to the director's house of Salah Abu Saif in the Abdeen area, where he is in a position; to live with his second wife. He writes all that Abu Seif says every day and his / her; review it. So that it can be given to the public in the best professional picture possibleSouth Westerly

Hamou explained that he was successful in recording its & # 39; Most of the reminiscences of Salah Abu only stand because his ill health was at this time and did not finish it completely, which encouraged him to write everything that was finished and reviewed by Abu Saif onlySouth Westerly

"I sent the notes after I finished them in a file and left them in my office. When I released them later, I found out that they had away and I did not find them.

He continued: "This year I got my fingers file in the library and I would like to show the light through the 40th session of the Cairo Film Festival, and you have to go to the festival leaders and welcome it. "

He said the artistic writer Tariq al-Shennawi read the book and wrote an introduction to him, and stressed that there is a lot of ambitions in the book that nobody knows about the life of Salah Abu-Seif arts and public.

Adel Hamouda commented that the book has many new aspirations, including the "Woman Woman" autoship of Salah Abu Saif with the pensioner who was in the book; lived as long as he was learning in Europe, as well as convincing that Umm Kalthoum was considered when he was working with her as a land in one of her work because she was close And then he discovered that she wanted to marry her closely, and that the artist Youssef Wahbi refused to work with him and then to apologize to him after receiving an appreciation of artSouth Westerly

Adel Hamouda said: "The memories suggest that the late director, Salah Abu Seif, was not only technical, but also the human level of a most incredible, friendly and complex person and is largely determined that it can not be expected for its ability to obtain all its details of its life in perfect form. Rarely there are things in man "South Westerly

There will be three other books in the festival, and they will add a great deal to the cinema library: "A historical book about 40 sessions of the Cairo Film Festival prepared by the researcher Moheb Jameel, a book about broadcaster Hassan Hosni Tariq al-Shennawi and Ahsan Abdul Qaddous cinema book with Sameh Fathi's creator. Late writer's quint South Westerly

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