In-house indoor translation, no-one built, 300,000 VND foreign currency still worth burning


Wednesday 21/11/2018 05:00 AM (GMT + 7)

Compared to housing products, this kind of sweet money that is introduced to almost 300,000 VNDs / still looks like the sisters, ordered it a lot.

"I have not yet received any orders," said Bich Thuy (Dong Da, Hanoi).

Given that his colleagues had a & # 39; Introducing the kind of sweet, handsome, no flavor of the car in the water, so I ordered 1kg to try. She got a shop selling a famous fruit and order. At this time, she does not know how bad this product is sweet, beautiful because they have not got the stuff.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngan (Hoang Mai, Hanoi) said this type of car was very beautiful, many countries. According to her, this product is very large, eats delicious and so she is willing to spend a few hundred times for her family. "In addition, it's a kind of sweet bottle that is included, and so I'm very encouraging about quality," said Ngan.

In an inner quarry no one was built, a 300,000 VND foreign car / still fired - 1

Many people who cost taiwanese "food prices" still order that the fire situation is often a happening.

According to Tin Nguyen, the sale of products introduced in Dong Thap, a Taiwanese bottle is very expensive but still many sisters. At its store, it's a # 39; sold for 280,000 VND / kg. He said that this product is very big and so people who buy 1kg will only be 1-2 results.

At present, the shop it has introduced in Taiwan Taiwanese, there is often no less frequent fire. Depending, weekly every once it is only about 20-30kg. So, the quantity is not enough to meet the needs and so guests have to enjoy their preservation.

"Users often buy a lot, just 1-2 results, only one who purchases ten Taiwanese moisturized potatoes. Some people who want to eat, most of its customers eat and know the smell, taste and taste they should buy again, "said Tin.

Mr Tin also said Taiwanese taiwan food was sweeter than water ponds. As a result, many people accept the high price as such. At the same time, domestic rates of thousands of thousands of pounds can be found in the country, even in many families, there is no full capacity of non-personal people.

No one included anything inside anyone who was in a position; build, still 300,000 VND / worth still fired - 2

Car has been very large, 1kg of weight.

In-stone sword empty, no-one raised a foreign currency of 300,000 VND / valued - 3

Users usually order 1-2 results, many customers do not; buy a lot.

Thu Quynh, a gift shop owner who has been introduced in the Hai Ba Trung area of ​​Hanoi, has promised to buy consumers saying, "It's not surprising that Taiwanese sweet potatoes are so big. , I thought of cheap cheap milk so that no one bought the supermarket price so horrible. So I'm not willing to enter a lot, but I'll build a lot of chgg on to sell it. I do not think people are buying so much. "

Nobody did anything inside, outside 300,000 VND / lost value - 4

No-one introduced anything, foreign currency worth 300,000 VND / still fired - 5

Especially sweet, tasty and sweet, sweet, sweet and sweet in water.

According to her, the biggest difference is that the bills of export are larger than a wide range of cars in the country. Entertainers need to book 2-3 days in advance to reach their store. As customers are living very much, they do not have to be well-preserved and buyers will be able to; Using this new, tasteful product.

At the moment, Taiwanese's bottle also includes a number of merchandise included for sale at 450,000 to 500,000 VND per kilogram.

Compared to the location that is in a position; In addition, Vietnam's Vietnamese stick is much more than 20,000 – 30,000, even even in the country is quite popular. As a small business, this item will be sold slowly, usually every month that is posted; sells 10kg well.

An unprecedented kind of yellow-breasted shell shells is nearly half a million VND 1 fruit

This milk is introduced from Taiwan, the price is nearly ten times on coffin milk in the country, almost 1 million dong is still expensive …

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