In human brain he revealed a previously recognized structure


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In the human brain, a previously recognized structure is identified. It is located in a relatively low hill, near the place where the brain is located; connect to the backbone.

The designated structure, nickel endorestiform, associated with the area that receives sensitive and motorized information from the body. This will affect your position, coordination and movement, accordingly

Endorestiform nose, which is a group of neurons, plays may play an important role in the & # 39; process. But to draw final conclusions about her former purpose, experts say.

"Lower comparative comparison can be made compared to a river, which carries out backbone information and the brain prevents her toe, and the endorestiform philosophy of the island is in the river Here, "he said he had the author, expert of geologist George Paxinos of the Scientific – Australian research regiment.

To find a structure managed with an innovative method that uses elements of color. It allows the different groups of neurons to be clearly allocated according to their work.

It is interesting that units such as the endorestiform narcotics, still found in animals, notably priorities. Scientists have suggested that the structure may be responsible for proper motor skills – so no monkey learns to play the guitar as a person.

Researchers are expecting to learn more, and analyze human brain; use MRI, and compare it with a chimp body (they are regarded as the closest relatives of the person).

Earlier it was reported that large-scale DNA tests were causing acceleration of the growth of modern people.


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