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His first gastroenteroanastomy was given to jablonet in May this year, on November 20, she was at her & # 39; quarter.

Patients with pancreatic or stevia disease can avoid obstructive obstacles that can cause problems. I do not have to leave the case from the dust, I'm going to do it; feeling painless, and I'm ill after a short break by giving her a day of the house.

The last patient was under the guidance of twenty children and Slovak endoscopists and completion staff who had a regular hospital-based workshop.

The work is only a few tens of minutes

Works that last only for a few minutes tell a story about inserting a stent called two orgasm unknown. The stent, according to Vladimír Noska, is a main gastroenterological department in Jablonec hospital, and # 39; metal outlet in some way.

Two patients who were sick; hitting, for example, a stethoscope, two dozen or two, convicted to a licensed method. In recent years we have to replace those jobs forever. These are ways that are beautiful, effective and quick. We will make such assemblies between the platform and the steve, or between the seals and the twelve and the paths of the way. In this way, I can feed food and food, Nosek explains.

We will replace the surgery and the patient will get to the house quickly.

Rastislav Kund's speech in Dnsk, the world known as an anastomist sailing, is to organize a new way to help people with uncommon strange diseases.

We have some information that will help us improve their lives. Do not leave it. Their judgment is difficult, but the quality of their lives is increasing. Patients do not need full anesthesia and often have a; to leave the house every day. In classical surgery, the patient was allowed to take a week with a minimum of hospitalization and did not; got any food. Without e, explaining Rastislav Kunda.

Lka: And the splinter is hard-haired man's mouth

Lkak Jiina Pintov does not know from the Jablonec Gastroenterology Department, among the biggest pins of the problem with alumina and the pat pancreat as a way of life. These are a lot of alcohol, diet, but I also want to take the crusty stones into the sheep paths, or it's a sick disease, which Pintov says.

Rastislav Kunda says that someone knows that the pancreas is a kind of hard-haired man's mouth.

We've been trying to hide all that was in; We have never been drunk and milled. It can not be reinstated and when the hard copy is bad, it's bad, experts say.

Steps, when they explained the same way as the link between Aludek and Steve, were made in Jablonec, including a tern pole.

Take the steam, but let's stop those numbers, those years. We have twenty tons of rum. But we are financially constrained, all stents are very expensive and their insurance company is not near. We take a walk when we find the hospital, and we have to finish those steps, we decided Vladimír Nosek.

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