In Japanese hockey, a drug case responds;


today 15:15

It is said that co-creator HC Dynamo Pardubice Petr Čáslava, who is a co-owner of this Czech extralic club, will be confirmed at the end of August.

He did not know in the summer to comment on the situation, but according to the latest information from Czech Sport Journal, the blood test of the drug declared the body when driving a motor vehicle .

In addition, there has been an anonymous source given by the seasonal report to suggest that a number of players may be able to; Using aggressive drugs in "pernikar" cadre. However, Pardubice's leadership rejected these bids.

Sport says that medical orders within each game were ordered after the time it was recorded, and, according to the unchanged source, there were not a number of hockey players with a shield. One of the players had to let the coke for the problems of her summer chocaine, and for each other he was alcoholic.

"I did not want to find an absent presence in a body, I have no information that there should be more players, or I know that all players are clean,"the general director Pardubice Dušan Salfický says,



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