In Jesenice, they celebrated rich memories of a year-round tour


Although it was an official anniversary of the establishment of a hockey group in Jesenice in January, the jubilee was once again remembered in the iron and hockey in the city. next year. This time with a gala event where the rich sporting history of its hockey home was recalled.

HDD Jesenice Asiago


Fill a whirlwind in Styria

The 2018 anniversary jubilee for the autumn hockey, and on January 6, Gorenjska was celebrated around 70 years after the establishment of its first club; January 6, 1948, the beginning of a long story, the cathetans are the big city, hockey, ironwork and fans.

Hocaidh in Jesenice grew up and down, the last few years ago. At that time, the slip was so bad, after he dropped the old club, six years ago, threatened to finish his hockey game. The hockey player and hockey have been living, now with a new sports club, he is again in the way, and, like an old weather, he is again a & # 39; appearing at the top of Sweden, and after the same crisis in Ljubljana, the old red and green competition also returns.

Awaken funny memory

"Our ambition is the desire to return the autumn hockey to the place where we feel that it has a roof in Slovenia and the region," said the head HDD Siy Acroni Jesenice, Anže Pogačar.
Photograph: Vid Ponikvar

Today, it's been a day; for funny memories: in a club, set up with a & # 39; an honorary company, the company Siij Acroni, edited a gala event or event, where they remembered the success of years, rich sporting history and thanked many legends on the ice.

In the Gornjesavski Museum Jesenice and in Kolpern, today, hockey fans and old players can follow the gala event where the current president of the Sij Acroni Jesenice club Anže Pogačar historic issues, today's successful work, identified and said that hockey in Jesenice will stay in the future. On the collection, they can also show the documentary documentary of RTV Slovenia, which shows the hockey history of the autumn and binds it differently to its. town and ironwork.

Not just an honest activity, but a way of life

"It's 70 years of tradition and it's a great honor to be a president of this kind of club, not only that it is an honorable cause, it's a way of life. I have not chosen a simple path but it's hard. " Our aim is to aim at & # 39; return the autumn hockey where we believe: in Slovenia and the region, "said Pogačar.

From the Sport Jože Gregorčič …

Hockey history in Jesenice is difficult to fall in a few paragraphs; A short overview shows that everyone has started to play in; creating a sketch part at the Sports Club Jože Gregorčič hockey, a few years later the club got a name with the place, The first point will turn to & # 39; 1957 when the ironwork returned home with its first title of Yugoslavia.

After a while in Jesenice, called the golden age of hockey. Between 1957 and 1971 they were unable to home and won 15 titles apart.

As early as 1954, Jesenice got the first artificial ice center, and later covered it, the Podmežakla hall was created in 1972, and a few years ago a detailed redevelopment was made.

At HDD Siy Acroni Jesenice, his success

At HDD Siy Acroni Jesenice, the success of the HK Acroni Jesenice "late", they continue with his / her; folklore was to build the floor of those who were before. This is how the new topic in April marked the third title of the national show.
Photograph: Žiga Zupan / Sportida

After Slovenian independence, the competition with Ljubljana's campaigns continued; Jesenice was identified in the & # 39; The first three independent seasons (1992, 1993 and 1994), and by 2012, there are five times. At that time, the old club had already been extinct, and final debt was finally swallowed. After two difficult years, a new club, the current Sij Acroni Jesenice, who is already on the front of the person who was born was born: Jesenice is the top prizes, and has three titles at & # 39; current club.

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