In Kiev, the radiators put the tires under Ocean Plaza and painted the windows with paint: the center is closed


On Tuesday, November 27th, representatives from national agencies in Kiev raised the Ocean Plaza center. Industrialists would burn reefs, and also a & # 39; Tires under the shopping center and paint painted windows.

There are about 50 people under the galleries of the address. Most of them – representatives of the Falcon group This respondent comments from the scene.

Operators provided car fires and placed them in front of the main door to the address. According to operators, they gathered under the shopping center, as it is representatives of the Russian Federation.

Also, the rally partners came to the center with paint. In the morning they painted on the main door and glass walls with the inscription "Get Yours Moscow Business", "Prohibition of Russia", "Swim in Ocean Plaza".

Memories on November 26, without knowing that the people called a smoke bomb inside the shopping center, leaving people from the building. Similar tasks to Russian & Russian industry have already been. July 6 in Kiev, a "painting" Ocean Plaza retail. In the retail center windows the NGO members "Falcon" left a message to the person they owned and visitors. The inscription "Off Russian Business", "Stop Putin" and "Buy here?" Kill Ukrainians. "

These events may be related to the Russian attack action against Ukraine at Muir Azov. Ucranic fireworks returned. Regarding these events, the emergency and security agenda of the National Security and Security Council was held in Kiev. And under the Russian Ambassador in Ukraine, operatives tried to put fire on the tires and threw smoke into the building.

Vladlena Skachenko

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