In Koper, however, he saw most of the elections, in the second Popovič and Bržan visit


One of the most amazing items in this year's local elections is the second round of the country's major battle in Koper, where they move Boris Popovich there Aleš BržanSouth Westerly

The ballot papers changed the results from hour to time. It was expected that Popovich would win in the first round, after being counted on his / her; Most of the votes, it is clear that he must vote again. That is, LAB Bržan candidate, who collected around 30 percent of the vote, the second in the list and dropped 16 percentage points for Popovič.

Responsible editor New priority Antisa Korljan want STA He warned us that we did not hear Popovich so badly, and so he was especially for a clan. He remembered a very different event in Koper in the last few days, with only one Olympic flair, a sports park and a town park opened on Friday. They organized concerts, they had fireworks and more and more. "And obviously, they did not prove all those people, which I think are very unhappy," said Korljan. The current product is, as it is, especially as a result of the "Popovic counterpart."

The third is 6.4% of support Gašpar Gaspar Mišič (Gašpar Gaspar Mišič and a group of electors).

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