In Košice they have taken over the capture device


Košice, November 21 (TASR) – The residents of the district of the city (MsČ) Košice-Západ to Košice will using the SNP class 73. Four habitats were given at least on Wednesday. The pilot project was implemented by MsČ along with Kosit, a., Who provides a waste management service to the Košice town.

The half-water show unit is made up of six games. Three of them are cubic and five cubic meters and are intended for common home rubbish. There are a number of three cubic meters in the other three and they serve to divide paper, glass and plastics.

"Ms Ms made sure that the provision and funding of the locality, with EUR 9325.85, including VAT, and Kosit part of the technology part of the" late Ambassador Košice-Západ Ján Jakubov said.

One of the benefits is that the number of underground bins is larger than ordinary waste vessels. The aim is also to eradicate the food of a so-called vessel tourism, with the installation of stopping machines on the night room. As he said, they are also cheaper than underground vessels, which have a smaller bursting hole at the same time, so times will be over.

According to Kosit's general manager, Marián Christenka, the situation of the hostels, which is part of the country, need the ground to be finished. The purpose of settlement settlement is also. "It is essential to find a place that is not connected to engineering networks, it is not in trolley bush sites, and because it is a ten minute drive discharge, it must be in place where traffic is not stopped " he explained.

The vessels are still evicted as a result of past knowledge. As part of another pilot project, they plan for sensitive monitoring through an ultrasonic sensor.

Inside its own resources as well as the role of its home, in June 2017 he realized that, The company had an area cleared above in Košice-Juh MsČ in Parčík Jozef Psotka. In November 2017, she spent the underground vessel on Oshtepova Street. In the middle of the underground underside, the pilot project was completed with another solution for the collection of waste in Košice.

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