In Lombardy there is only one infamous children, but the school has not accepted it


One case about non-admission in Lombardy schools is that the student was not immunized. He is a young child in the Milan area. At this time, as explained by sector consultant workers for Giulio Gallera, only baseline data is available; to get the last balance you have to wait for Thursday, even if it is possible to get tomorrow.

It appears, however, that there is an “emergency or case assault” in Lombardy after the date has ended to get into the vaccine in school, unlike what is t appear in other parts of Italy. In short, the picture that emerges is "encouraging", explaining the communication staff of the consultant Gallera. The result has led to close coverage of 100% for the hexavalent, the vaccine that protects the child from hepatitis B, polio, tetanus, pertussis, diphtheria, Hib with any injection. Official data, as specified, but not yet for immunization and measles, are still to be found, reaching a high coverage rate of over 96%.

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