In Macron, the Renault jacket


Emmanuel Macron and the economist had a copy on the head of Renault to one of the world's most animated carts, Le Figaro. In Japan, the Chief Executive of Renault, who was also responsible for the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi enthusiasm, was over. In the beginning of MacRony, the French has much to do with the facts, and now the Japanese must take their own jury. Renault wants to keep the seed from being driven by the French, and it is without use.

Prime Minister Carlos Ghosn, a Japanese police officer, over Narita's narrative in Tokyo on November 19, took him back when he was given a maggp. Slyos was suspicious of bitches, they kept for a while. He / she thinks cheese has been in & # 39; using fortune and is deceived.

Ghosn just in the 2016-17 season is bigger than He won 15 billion euros (nearly 5 fourteen) (8.8 billion euros for Nissan and 7 million euros for Renault).

Bertille Bayartsson, a renowned prestige of Le Figaro's family family, is not the only thing that is very important in this horn that has not managed the French autism group (and also 2016-17 years), but What is Renault now and what Macron's work was in the barn?

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Group is full

It brings 450 thousand people everywhere,

of 72,000 in Europe and just 50,000 in France. It is reasonable that it deals directly with Ghosn Bus, Macron. The rebels and guns are affirmed that the French government will then kill.

Ghosn and MacRae on November 8 at the Renault-gyr in FranceForrs: AFP / Ludovic Marin

However, he was very tired, and he should be carefully involved in the past. The "estate" was built by Macron itself, and in 2015, when the Socialist Party had dropped, Francois Hollande, Minister for Economic Affairs. Then he did not. Arrognos and Macron who did not know He liked the great command of Gosn, was a terrible blow to him. Unfortunately this one was also very foolish the Renault was just going to be in the field, and many leaders had supported Ghosn, with amazing success.

Bringing MacRath's ministry, the words of Bardart were "coup d 'etat". He thought that the French would have to break 15 loyalty and throw two voting systems into the group. Radsul did not have enough at the last minute.

This just meant that b & # 39; The French can sell their money without the loss of the right to vote (that is to say, befolysbl). But with this one, however

She has a blog interest.

The Japanese do not have a right of voting in Renault. Despite this, Renault lost his vote in the Nissan, making it very spectacular. That is, from the beginning of the military commander in Japan, the power was out of sight.

Br Ghosn was not bad (left in the company), he opposed lpst, a & # 39; understood that the Japanese were angry and they would not leave it. All the years have been converted. This is because, as Bayart puts it, MacRae was over Jupiter, and sent out that the Renault chief was sad. She told him that it was a mistake that the head of the head was a # 39; chg, the very own, the minister.

In the megaliths, the independent Macron and economic ministers returned quickly, until the Socialist Minister who had fallen after his Socialist minister returned to the most non- talented.

so it is the seed that needs to be done by making the cheese. The Nissan Group is managing the organization before the nose begins, where the Renault team does not have a & # 39; watch just on the races. Since now Nissan's advocate, he discovered that he was trying to share the thoughts of the section and the mkds; win win.

The result that Macron and Ghosn did not appear in the gyr-france, where he was disturbed by a Socialist economist had dropped at pp Macrae for an autumn autumn, instead of the drum jvjrl.

"They are not here," he said, saying Macron and says that Macron made the munks that were made. He also stated that MacRath's policy had a "shooting" sound shoe. MacRae, like a prince, who had come to court, spoke to the person who had been replaced by his place. The munks, of course, did not want to go out and hunter for Macron, and fell to one. Macron is just out of the way: "you're pretty wise." In addition, the removal of the television channel to the worker, who said "Macron is a score and there is nothing."

Less than just a few of the other Macrons, did the French driver need to smile the cats? Renault has all noted: the French name tmogatsa. But the Japanese are trying to get rid of it.

Forrs: AFP / Ian Langsdon

Today's Renault Memorial Day came today, he did not catch him, but they were called out. Macron, however, is always helpless. From Nisssan, we welcomed Gos, and we can not injure this Renault (lost by Macron). In France, when they meet the worst campaigns in the past few years, Macron has a The collection of accounts is consistent, and the French have become more difficult to find, and it is very difficult to find that there are 15 million people who are in a position; Finding the euro in a pollution barracks. According to the bullets, 2010 and 2015 saw as much as a 44-billion euros detrimental effect.

In the French version, it is essential that the directors of the large companies should pay for it, and it is also clear that Gosn can be used for this as Macron's first installment in 2017 He lost the number of companies and wealthier the Frenchman must give 70% less. They also preserved Macron to mr. The "rich elanke" is marked.

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