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In Novosibirsk the warehouse with items that were caught fire

In Novosibirsk, a grocery house took a thick fire on a space of 960 square meters. This is reported on the area of ​​the district's Ministry of Emergency Ministry.

"The fireplace's headquarters will be used on the site, the fight areas will be identified. The main task is to prevent the spread of fire to the nearby warehouses," the message is say.

The fire happened in the Dzerzhinsky district in the town on Elektrozavodskaya Street. Firefighters for the show at 08:41 local time (04:41 Moscow Time).

In a metal-warehouse, which includes material – sunflower oil. The hangar roof fell. The third phase of problem was brought to the fire. At the same time there is no threat to residential buildings, since the convenience is located in the industrial zone. Staff measurement of the chemical radiometric blade was the damaging material and proved that there was not much more of their highest permissible limit (MPC).

As a result, the departmental headquarters of the Ministry of Emergency said the fire had been cultivated, and the exposed burn was destroyed at 12:14 local time (08:14 Moscow journey). As a result, no one was injured. Fire inspectors decide the purpose of the fire.

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