In one time out of three road accidents, a rider caused a bad disaster


Gorenjska police officers had many posts tomorrow.

Gorenjska police officers faced three physical injuries traffic disasters in one past yesterday. The first one was held in Vrbi, and two private cars were involved, which affected the car's distance without changing. There was another accident police officer in Primskovo in Kranj, where the driver, when leaving his / her carcass; cross for pedestrians, overlooking a & # 39; roof and fight. According to the police, victims of the injured are seriously injured.

In one other disaster, which also happened in Kranj, police officers thought the rider fell, which caused the disaster in the bad weather and the disaster. According to the police, who suffered a lightweight injury.

Police officers giving warning
Police officers will require traffic partners to comply with road traffic regulations and avoid potentially dangerous situations. Drivers on wet roads are among the most difficult driving factors, safety distance too short and passing. For walkers, this is a road cross, so traffic should be monitored at that time, and the riders are not advised for this situation, the police say.

Alternatively, police officers Gorenjska Yesterday had problems with drivers who had to take a vehicle. In the morning, passenger car police officers took part in the Radovljica area. The driver did not have a valid driving license, it was under the influence of alcohol, and an early drug test showed that there was a drug. At day-to-day politics they took a car in Jesenice, and late in the evening to Brnik.

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