In one week the dollar rises more than a fixed term in November


The dollar was placed on the road to its upper bed band. This move could be reinforced this week and it does not appear to be opposed to its # 39; The Latin Bank is a Friday Letters offer the drop rates selected 0.26 points to 61.75% and released almost $ 50 billion, which, obviously, will not go in full position, but a good part will be converted to a dollar.

It is the question of who sold the dollars and what they did; price required as the resurrection of Friday was strongly strong: $ 1.21 was up to $ 37.70 in the retail place and a lot of business. In a week, the dollar rises as much as the month-based time.

In banks and exchange houses, the dollar rises on Friday $ 1.08 to $ 38.51.
The market, even those values, thinks that the dollar is late. At the end of the year, those who are putting it at $ 43 and those who are staying at highest band of $ 47.

It is a case that is not longer than its; band and that is something that can be achieved without difficulties, which will prevent the Bank to Central to accept its location. On the other hand, the market has made its changes to think more about the level of interest than the dollar value.

The employer is more injured with an active level of interest, that is, the same as they cost for a loan, of 5.5% per month of the dollar that goes up from here at the end the year, 16% and a & n; grow steadily at that stage. That increase, to find out the delays at an exchange rate, is equal to two months and a half months. But if the dollar rises and the level goes down, the entrepreneur is in a position; make up the costs and benefits of exports. Also, The entrepreneur will work with a dollar idea to something over $ 40. He knows $ 37 is impossible to work and when it is necessary to revitalize the product, the dollar is over that value. This is why it is easier to maintain the exchange stability in the altars than in the floor of its flotation bands.

We should not forget that Argentina, since the roofs have been awarded, It has been expensive in dollars again.

An a country suffers from cost inflation and today the level and taxation interest is more important in that cost. The two dollars are the result of these variables because Argentina is competing, it must be a "high repetition" level, as a minister said in the 1990s.

That's why it should not be surprising that this week would start, starting to raise its money; find the top dollar of the dollar. Thinking about chaos is not in the opinion of any consultant.

In addition, the outside makes eyelids unhealthy. The money added, and the increase in Government bonds, strengthened the dollar against other funds and raising the flat levels with the Force Reserve in December to emphasize countries' funds a & # 39; Coming out on their convictions is to be reduced against US currency.

And even though there seems to be paradox, what things can dislodge these unholy changes to the world, that may happen in Argentina , the emerging country is most vulnerable. The disgrace that causes its decision is due to & # 39; that they can go out of the country Fortunately, if the meeting between Donald Trump and his Chinese company Xi Jinping come to take forward his & her; commercial war that's turning the world's economic activity. The plan will be & # 39; look at this meeting.

For now, Wall Street expresses its winter and, in these terms, See that her actions are overdue. Indeed, the VIX, also known as the "church table" as it is the North American market impatibility measure, about 22 points, the yellow warning zone. After the 30 points there is an orange warning and the portfolio changes will start and find safe places for money.

Rural problem is the other problem in Argentina. October's elections are the major obstacle to the bands coming to an end over 2019, to attract customers. For that, with a risk of over 700 points, Argentina is merciful to the IMF, who is the sole lender he can count on.

The tools to get out of the emergency are very limited and again they rely on good autumn, internationally good international pricing and progressive equality.

Business balance involves the closure of stock to investors to the stock market. The loss is too big to think of stock investment.
In contrast, there is more than $ 100 billion to place the address that is there; assessing going to a dollar. They do not want to include contracts that are very criminal. despite 5% monthly rates that pay some connections and 4.5% levels per month in established terms. In fact, the dollar rises in week 4.87, and removed from the benefits they thought in November.
Most of these investments are based time funds and investors can withdraw them when they want it because they do not have a closed date.

The big companies are the other support. The most important thing is that the latest offer of Letters of Liquidity, which shows that the terms are not fully restored and large investors and large investors have started their own & # 39; go back. At the beginning of the week, they did so in good weather. Last day, the increase left no doubt about what the market is thinking about.

The end of the "behavior" transportation (saving in pesos and finishing profit to a dollar) ended.

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