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Doom 25

At the time of writing, over 350,000 views of the Doom film trailer: Annihilation. To date, over 8,800 viewers have not enjoyed the 30-second rating, and the appearance of hell seems more than just 700.

Shortly after the trailer came to life, an assistant arrived out to Software and the officer DOOM an account of Twitter to see how the original creators felt about the change "just to video". Below is the slim answer from the DOOM Twitter account:

As part of those of us lovely readers have already been identified in their previous post, the forthcoming film looks more like a television series from the 90s. So, can you always blame software for wanting to get distance from this project? Especially when he has been working hard DOOM Eternal – the hearers of hell are worthy of it.

Hell, perhaps we are reading too much of this, but it looks like software doesn't seem to want a bar when it has sent so much love to this landmark video series over t past 25 years. The developer even went back to reclaim the above tweet from his official Twitter account to ensure that the message is high and clear.

What do you think? Are you feel there are no software involved in this project? Will you still see it? Tell us below.

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