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Sunday 17 February 2019

Books – Mohammad Gayaat:

The Prime Minister Dr. Mustapha Medbouli Sunday is the devolution of an American American Committee, who is currently visiting Egypt, to consider ways of developing two-dimensional relations between Egypt and the United States Rejoice Reza Habib, Vice- Secretary of State for American Affairs.

The First Minister praised the important work that the Committee had made in & # 39; Strengthening bilateral relations between Egypt and the United States, and the Committee's commitment to ongoing consultation and coordination with Egypt on regional and international issues with general responsibility.

Medbouli said that Egypt is keen to maintain its strategic relationship with the United States, which praises the military support and support that Washington has given to Cairo over the last three decades, especially in those situations in which Egypt is fighting against terrorist forces and disagreement.

Nader Saad, spokesperson for the Ministers' Council, said that members of the American Union's representative body of a representative group were valued; meeting for the meeting with a & # 39; Prime Minister, emphasizing the willingness of his & her; The Committee will contribute to strengthening cooperative relationships between Egypt and the United States. In order to contribute to the common interests of Egypt and the United States, believe that Egypt is the " a cornerstone in terms of sustainability in the Middle East and an integral part of the United States in the efforts to bring peace to the region.

The representative of a Jewish American Committee advocated the government's government of Egypt regarding reconstruction of Jewish monuments in Egypt and preserving historical manuscripts. The Prime Minister said that these stones are an essential part of the history and heritage of Egypt, as well as the Islamic and Christian monuments. Especially in the light of President Sisi's promotion to give citizenship values ​​and equality among all the Egyptian citizens, because Egypt was and it is always a real victim and a forum for owners of heavenly laws.

Then the First Minister opened a discussion with the members of the Committee, when he answered his questions and questions.

In response to a question about government hits to establish new urban communities in different parts of the republic, the First Minister identified that the Egyptians increase 2.5 million people annually, which is a major challenge in itself and her; the government needs to work continuously on the establishment of planned and organized urban communities to increase the population, as the lack of new towns causes the distribution of slums and areas without planning as population growth.

He said that the government is working to address the causes of increasing population, as the continuing rise in these upper stages will impede development efforts and it does not & # 39; mean that citizens experience their effects, aiming at the special support of family planning programs from the United States International Development Agency for USAID in the last few years.

The Ministerial spokesperson said that a Jewish representative of America was asking about the government's attempts to " Developing education and which the government takes care of & # 39; Using education as a tool for fighting with high ideology. Dr. explained Mustafa Madbouli says that Sisi's leader is a real guide; "It is added that this development will be reflected in enhancing students' vision and making them more open to the world and with ideas about closing and closing.

Madli raised out that poor education creates generations that can not keep pace with global developments and make them more vulnerable to recruiting by terrorist and economic groups, and Egypt was noticed and that they took quick steps to change. The Prime Minister said that the new curriculum in education also provided the spirit of Tolerance and acceptance of the other, in order to achieve generations that embrace diversity, to recognize others, believe in communication and prevent to violence.

On the economic efforts of the government to fight with a high ideology, the prime minister said unemployment is the second element that he has; making young people vulnerable to extremist ideas. Therefore, the government has set a key aim to increase government investment in infrastructure, new towns and major national projects. Delivering employment opportunities for young people, who have declined unemployment down below 9% for their & # 39; first time since 2010.

In response to a recent decision on bankruptcy & bank for cutting cuts, the prime minister said that this decision is a sign of the development in economic indicators in the past, and the minimum level of emergency be responsible for reducing interest rates to encourage investors and businessmen to borrow and expand their projects. , In particular, with increased investment and economic activity that has been an essential part in increasing growth levels and its growth. job creation.

On Egypt's attempts in the fight against the terrorism and the results of the Total Sinai 2018 Initiative, the Prime Minister agreed that the armed forces and the civilian police were successful in trying to do so. eliminating the leaders of the Takfiri groups, focusing on their communities and their cutting the supply lines between the terrorist centers. At the same time, reflected in the numerical and qualitative reduction of occupational impairments from the outset of the jobs and so far.

The Prime Minister emphasized the same time that the war will take terrorism to eliminate terrorists and the remains, but it is important that the general move on the success of security strikes is rising.

The production group has been implemented by & # 39; thanking the Prime Minister for open chatting, to & # 39; affirming that they will strengthen the partnership relationships between Egypt and the United States over the future, and in support of the Egyptian interests in Washington.

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