In political politics, the East Olympics have voting, why an English-speaking government does not; give its position? | Election campaign 9-a-1 | Today's news


▲ In response to the elimination of the Olympic referendum, Government spokeswoman Yuan Kot Yotaka said international politics should not be involved in sport and allowing players participate. (Picture / Lu Yongchang photographer)
▲ In response to the fact that an Olympic diploma can be deferred as a result of the official referendum of Dongao, Government spokeswoman Kolas Yotaka said international politics should not be involved in sport and his ; allowing players to participate. (Picture / Lu Yongchang photographer)

On the evening of 21st, a number of the Olympics held a news conference at the Sports Department to face the referendum on East Olympics. They believed that the referendum could impede the right of his / her. player to take part. After reviewing the case of the East Olympics referendum, President Tsai Ing-wen has always been producing a low profile and does not express his opinion.

The official response of the Chai government to the official name of Dongao is that the referendum demonstrates democracy, but it still needs to be a priority to protecting the rights and interests of the players. But if the name of Dongao is given, or if it needs to be supported or challenged, there are government officials Almost no one is going to do it; answering positively. The reason why Cai's government was to state its position was that both sides; worrying crime.

Support for the East Olympics is based mainly on independent agencies; In the face of the East Olympics, as well as Kuomintang in the wild, there are sports players. If the Chief Executive Tsai Ing-wen is against the referendum to commit crime to her; an independent organization, the independent organization is the DPP's top supporter. When Cai's government law is a result of lawsuit, the pension reform continues to decline, Tsai Ing-wen. I hope to consolidate these supporters to the hard green, as the original draft of a 2020 election to hold the regime.

If Tsai Ing-wen supports the Eastern Olympics referee, if the country is suspended and the players who have been preparing for many years can not take part, they do not not only the guilty players, but also the makers and sponsors who want to see the national players to do; playing internationally. Although it is not possible to participate in the country's name in accordance with the rules of the International Olympics, it can still participate as an independent athlete or exile.

But if an independent athlete is participating in the # 39; Competition, it equals the reduction of national Olympic help. Some games can be renumbered, which is not so exciting for the competition between Chinese players and other national players. Our country, such as Syria and Yemen, is in the middle of War & defeat of the Chinese.

In the face of the argument regarding the referendum in Eastern Asia, many of the Cai government officials are hoping that the referendum will not occur, so as not to bring more international political problems . However, if the referendum is given, I am afraid that this is the beginning of a brain testament to the Cai government.

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