In Poprad they will train air rescue workers


They are learning to work with a new revitalization device.

POPRAD. At the Rescue Center in Poprad, crew training is being undertaken to use self-reactive revitalization devices.

Two of them were added to the equipment of Poprad and Zilina rescue workers in September 2018.

His first rescuers were trained by the maker away, the other colleagues are learning to work with the machine in time.

We informed Zuzana Hopjaková, Speaker of the Helicopter Air-Transport Europe (VZZS ATE).

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Patient help and doctors

An automatic removable device is used for the sudden capture of sheep where it is essential that its coffin is finished.

"Almost the coffin is not consistently made up when the patient gets out of the ground and the air transport after that," said Križalkovičová, Helicopter Emerg Emergency Medical Service (VZZS).

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When it is necessary to use a one-board reel, the doctor does not output the field but it is a & # 39; main medicine only.

In some cases, witnesses will help it.

Krizalkovic explained that the device could make a consistent bundle of coffin, regardless of conditions and conditions. It's easy and one person is enough to work.

According to Hopjak, the device can increase the chances of living patients with a heart attack.

The device was already used in rescue work on October 4, when Polish tourism can be saved.

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