In Russia, Samsung has made the biggest switches on smartphones as part of "Black Friday"


The South Korea company will return to many customers with low prices.

On the afternoon of "Black Friday", many inventory tools with makers will try to set up the best discounts. The director is among the Samsung companies, and reduce the prices in the framework or action. At the same time, among the products, the maker's makers, stay in the first place of interest from customers.

Samsung has been able to attract the attention of future customers, making prices much lower than on weekdays. Galaxy S9 + purchases in Russia during "Black Friday" at a discount of 7,000 rubles, customers can use the "Connected" and "Eldorado". During advancement, the smartphone will be available at a price that is 10% lower. However, some sources, including "Yulmart", decided to attract customers with higher dimensions, and # 39; make up 20% of the previous value. But the smartphone is available at the same price as in other venues for 59990 rubles. In some sources, they decided not to show the reduction until the rise began, just by saying that the device would be sold cheaper on "Black Friday".

Over time, Samsung has reduced prices for other mobile devices. Galaxy S8 is cheaper with 7,000 rubles, and it will be available at a price of 39990. The price for Galaxy Note9 has fallen by 5,000 rubles, and allows you to buy freight for 64,990. South Westerly

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