In secret, Lily Ivanova buried her great love – BLISTER


Writer Ivan Peev, who is a great love for Lily Ivanova, is buried in secret as presbytery may be present, according to Telegraph.

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The singer has never been worshiped by her colleagues for years because she was frightened that he had been tightly built so she could not see her shoes in her official photographs. But this time, however, may be exempt because the person who died is more specific – she says that he was the only person with whom she is in love. The next request for a musician was to enter his last way but with the closest, silent and silent, long & he was alive. That's why just a few people are counted on the fingers one hand on their invitation to the mission, which is likely to be tomorrow.

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Vanko Peev died, as he says in his music, at 81's on Saturday, November 24. He has died homelessly. Although he had many health problems in recent years, he kept up last and every Tuesday he met his closest friends in the industry. Sometimes he lost it, because sometimes they took him to hospital to confirm it. But, 4-5 days after that, its situation grew worse. He could not get out of bed, he started to talk more and more difficult. His son put out his job so he could do it from home to be close to his father and to be cared for. On Saturday, the heir realized that his father did not let his dad, and asked a doctor to get out of his death. "He spoke about my death recently, he went to Alexandrovska 2-3 times, and then he said to me," You know I'm not scared. "He liked to shout on this topic by saying:" If there is nobody there may be better, "said the poet Georgi Nachev.

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