"In Senegal, the left has been trying to" defend his thoughts "


For the Rama Salla Dieng academic, the Senegalese left, who is not elected president on 24 February, subsequently negotiated with the freedoms.

For the first time in Senegal's political history, the Socialist Party (PS) will not be the candidate for the 24th President's election. In power from 1960 to 2000, under Leopold Sédar Senghor and then Abdou Diouf, the PS is led by Ousmane Tanor Dieng to support his / her consortium. chairman who goes out of the way, Macky Sall.

Rama Salla Dieng, Senior Lecturer at the Center for African Studies at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, analyzes the reasons for leaving the Senegealse failure.

Is there a surprise that there is no social social advocacy for the president's election?

Rama Dieng Salla There is. However, it is the result of a long process that is converted in 2000 by the election of Abdoulaye Wade. Until that year, the political scene of Senegal was divided between freedoms and societies. It is under the command of Abdou Diouf [de 1981 à 2000], but a socialist president, the IMF's structural change programs will be implemented, the CFA French made value. Then, Abdoulaye Wade comes in 2000. It contributes to a & # 39; worrying these traditional lines by taking forward a long-term social policy & # 39; as it is a volunteer. The sopi singer [« changement » en wolof]its social transformation project is to increase state-of-the-art interventions in the economy by; supporting agriculture and energy.

In the same way, Macky Sall, himself who was a social socialist converted to liberalism, had taught his program of social steps such as giving scholarships to the poorest families. These years have been marked by conflict within the left-wing parties: the PS, the National Democratic Rationale and the And-Jëf [Parti africain pour la démocratie et le socialisme]. The division of the politically left left consists of some of its figures such as Mamadou Diop Decroix, Amath Dansokho, Djibo Ka and Abdoulaye Bathily for the opening governments led by Prime Minister Liberal.

Recently, two other socialists grew up, Aissata Tall Sall and Khalifa Sall, Liberal Democrats Macky Sall and Idrissa Seck. Is the left-wing excavation still relevant?

These initiatives will eliminate the politics. For 20 years, the left is not to recommend a project. She works with the Liberals. In the urban centers, the bumblebees, traditionally, socially affect sirens, party in power. It is also seen to see & # 39; this move at the local level. As part of my research in the sections of Louga and Saint-Louis, I noted this wonder of contamination in many great faiths and leaders. However, it would be a mistake to summarize the left to his political dinosaurs. Better to speak "left".

Is the left to be & # 39; protect his concepts, his values?

There is. Discussion was made of the left, from independence to the 1990s. His managers took part in the social problems, in May 1968, and many were imprisoned, and remained in the hiding place before the introduction of a core enterprise in 1981. Buyers Sea Landing Savané no Abdoulaye Ballail quietly in parties that preached the respect of individual freedom and the fight against inequalities. In the 1980s, they included structural change policies put by international organizations weakened by the poor members of society. There is another African or international left to the left to guide the fight. But since the late 1990s, the left parties have not much promoted to individual freedoms.

Where will the battle happen?

It will take place especially outside the political field. The unions continue to be put in place, but other actors have seized in recent years. The debates were held in civil society, in religious movements, which attracting more and more young people, especially at the university, in the movements of a citizen who has a defensive role, and a lot of social networks. Some of the abstinents are able to select the selection of their mobile pockets that are. giving them hope. It must be seen as a matter for meaning and understanding that there are no positive attitudes in positive ideas on the left or right.

Coumba Kane

Source: Africa World

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