In seven sectors, 1,500 projects are slow, with 20,000 missing


In particular, the constituents of the Ninh Binh division showcase the position of initiatives to create projects, and, get land but they are not just donated; Moving projects to make the difference caused by eating waste, but not being treated, and suggest that the active agencies need to review and review land use planning, we will impede message on land legislation.

Responding to voters' comments, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment found that many projects are not currently involved, in some areas, rubbish on resources and problems for management and use. land use. The results of the review in 5 cities and Binh Thuan and Ba Ria-Vung Tau have marked the characteristics of 1,489 seconds with a total area of ​​land of 20,186 ha (with 98 projects including Hanoi not remains integrated into the area).

There were 7 areas, 1,500 slow projects, spending 20,000 hectares of land - Picture 1.

Over the past, Hanoi has recovered hundreds of thousands of square meters of corrugated iron project

According to state management groups, the situation is higher due to the ability of investors to be weak, so many projects have not yet been passed or rented. The quality of the strategies is not high, so the range of domains are not; Design for each project or an appropriate project with the land use application, and some land permit and photographic projects delayed. A direct impact on a proprietary investment plan. the project.

Another reason is that sanctions on investing projects that have been granted or their leased land have not been used, outside, have restrictions, are difficult to handle, and not They are not consistent with the Land Law provisions. (Article 64) and the Investment Law (Article 48). The rules on terms for investment projects are part-full or full-ranging under the Law on Investment, the Law of Landfill Business and land use regulations are not afraid of moving from investing projects to be tight.

Responding to a petitioner's petition, to resolve the situation above, the Land Law has oversaw projects that do not; Use land for land use or slow land use is comparable to the timetable (Point i, Clàs 1, Section 64). Prime Minister of Àir. 01 / CT-TTg on 1/3/2018 dated on strengthening and strengthening land management and its building the land information system. The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment is on Air Writing. 1171 on the 03/03/2018 date asking the People's Committees in the areas and towns to explore, review, projects, slowly to put the land use.

Every year, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment and the regional population committees have carried out scrutiny, inspection and management of investment projects so that their use can not be used; To investigate the changes and arrangements to the handling device for investment projects that are behind schedule to ensure that there is a consensus between Land Law provisions and the Investment Law.

The next solution is to set the conditions for a & # 39; Moving part or full of the Investment Law investment project, the Economic Business Law and the management of land use in the event of a move from investment projects. In order to clearly define and manage the leaders of the parties that are able to assign or rent land so that the situation is unacceptable. placing the land used or blocking causes to & # 39; causing landbill and emergency landing reasons in public attitudes. South Westerly

At the same time, step up the rigorous examination, testing and handling of cases where land is not used, in cases where the speed is slowly handled in accordance with the provisions lawyer, the answer is clear

Also related to the deficiencies in land management, voters in Da Nang have shown that housing investors are able to collect land through the purchase of land for their property; project But what they do is not possible.

This problem may lead to stability in land management, risk of property bubbles, etc. The voter's recommendation is to consider his / her; boundaries placed on the land that is the predator, individuals have the right to use.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment responds, in accordance with Article 52 of the Land Law, that land allocation or rent or land use change must be based on the annual land use plans. Agreed by the relevant state agency. Land use applications expressed in investment projects, application for land disposal, land rent or changes to land use purposes.

Therefore, the application of land to its project is determined on the basis of its & # 39; investment project and on request from the investor; Land law does not control land use boundaries under the project, the land management organization stress it.

The answer also defines, in accordance with the provisions of Article 170 of the Land Law, that the domain user must complete a domain registration confirmation and carry out all procedures when exercising the rights of the land user. Use land as ordered. On the other hand, Article 208 of the Land Law also provides for the responsibilities of the Committees of the People's Committees at all levels to lock, stop, and & # 39; Handling the law breach on land management and use, It is the responsibility of the head of a committee of people to participate.

As a result, his ministry said that first of all he needed to know the position of investor investors, initially reviewing the responsibility of a local government leader at each stage in discharging their duties and powers. as ordered.


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